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Q: How do you say that you're OK in sign language?
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How do you say are you okay in sign language?

Sign for "You": Point index finger at person. Sign for "Ok": Wave F (Alphabet) hand, palm down.

What do you do if a guy asks if youre OK and youre not?

just say you are not okay and he will ask you do you need any help, then pour yourself out to him.

What does the sign language OK mean in Germany?

The OK sign in Germany can be an insult but it can also mean job well done.

What website can you learn sign language on?

To learn sign language a site is ok but it is MUCH better to be taught as you have to interact with sign and read the response which is in a mirror image when you look at others

How do you say OK in Spanish language?

OK is not a word in Spanish but you can say Si (yes) guay (cool) and

Why do people say kk instead of k in text language meaning ok?

ok cool

How do you say pizza in american sign language?

Hi: OK, this is wierd, but... bend and point 2 fingers (kind of as if you were going to poke someone's eyes out), then make a squiggly down downwards.

Is it ok to wear a bra to bed?

not if youre a tree

How do you say baby in the Russian language?

As in small child - ребёнок (RE-byon-ok)

How do you sign peace in british sign language?

Make the "OK" sign with both hands. Holding both signs together (thumbs touching) in front of the chest sweep them apart (left sweeps left right to the right)

How do you make a number sign using keyboard?

On my keyboard the number sign (#) appears as the upper case of the number 3 (which is to say, you press shift and 3, simultaneously). OK?

What does no espaΓ±ol y EspaΓ±a ok mean in Spanish?

It means "No Spanish (language) and Spain OK." I can't acertain exactly what you may be trying to say, but that is the literal translation.

Is ok if you 15 years old with a 6 inch penis?

no youre a freak

How do you say okay in guatemalan?

Guatemalan is not a language. they speak spanish or Mayan languages among the indigenous people. so im gonna say OK since that's how they say it in spanish

What are the characteristics of language?

Ok, well the characteristics of that, you know every language has a character to its self and the people that speak that language. When you have your own language it's special to you. Also a language may sound funny although they are saying things that you say too just in a different way

Is it ok if your sons dating a boy?

yes its something people cannot help you cant choose what you want its what lifes about youre either gay bi or straight and if youre son (if you have one or plan to) does go out with a boy support him dont bully or force him because thats not ok.

Is it ok to date a 7th grader if youre in 8th grade?

your chose It's abosolutly fine.

What do you say when someone says you have a big butt?

you say'excuse me for my language but look at yours if say urs is as big as mine,OK but if not say why not open pants and show it to everyone in the neighborhood......HA HA HA

How do you say is that ok with you guys?

How do you say is that ok with you in french

What is the third biggest country in Europe?

well fairly it is germany .OK if you read this youre homosexual for your info

Do you say ok or OK?

The correct way to say it is Okay which is how I usually write it.

When was Say OK created?

Say OK was created in 2006.

Is saying a badword okay to say?

that's what you say but it isnot ok to say it ok

How do you log out in battle bears royale?

In 2012 this is how first log in to your account..ok after that look at the top left hand corner which says options...(u there?) ok now a small screen will show up then look at the bottom of the small screen it will say SIGN OUT... click that! now ur sign out help it help!

How do you say OK in Nigeria?

"OK" in Nigeria is "OK."