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The -ando adds a -ing ending to the English translation.

Means down, under, below.

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Q: How do you say the Spanish word bajando in English?
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aireon is not an English or Spanish word.

What is 5 in Spanish do not say 5 is the Spanish word?

5 in Spanish is "cinco". You cannot say "five" because that is an English word, not Spanish.

How do you say the word pet in Spanish?

The English word pet is translated into Spanish as mascota.

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Msgluck is not a word in English so, it would not be a word in Spanish.

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The Spanish word Sabado is Saturday in English.

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English Word: doll Spanish Word: muñeca

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It is just sandwich. The spanish word is the same as english!

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The English word spawned is pronounced, engendrado in Spanish.

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The word "whiskey" in English is the same in Spanish: "whiskey"

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To say December in "Spanish" you must say "diciembre"