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el despertador (ell dessPAIRtahdor)

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Q: How do you say the alarm clock in spanish?
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How do you say alarm clock in German?

alarm clock = (der) Wecker alarm clock = (die) Weckuhr

Alarm clock in Spanish?

reloj con despertador (clock with waker)

What are some examples of a cool alarm clock?

Some examples of a cool alarm clocks are: Silent alarm clock, Wifi Donation Alarm Clock, Bacon Alarm Clock, Flying Alarm Clock, Light Sleeper Alarm Clock, Banclock, Danger Bomb Alarm Clock, to name a few.

What's the best alarm clock app for iPhone?

The iPhone comes with a clock app already installed that has an alarm clock features. This is the best alarm clock that I have found so far. Other popular alarm clock apps are:CARROT Alarm - Talking Alarm ClockWake Alarm ClockSpeakToSnooze ProSleep Cycle Alarm ClockWake n Shake Alarm ClockRise Alarm Clock

How do you spell alarm clock in french?

le alarm clock

What's the difference between a clock radio and an alarm clock?

A clock radio and an alarm clock are two very similar things which provide some of the same functions however they differ in their features. An alarm clock is a basic clock which has an alarm function and a clock radio combines the use of an AM/FM radio and an alarm clock.

How do you set alarm on Timex T434S clock radio alarm clock?

how do you set the alarm on the Timex T434s nature sounds triple alarm clock radio

How would you say the clock in spanish?

"The clock" woulld be "el reloj".

When was Strawberry Alarm Clock created?

Strawberry Alarm Clock was created in 1967.

When was The Strawberry Alarm Clock created?

The Strawberry Alarm Clock was created in 1995.

How do you stop the alarm clock from waking you up?

Turn off the alarm clock.

What is the duration of The Strawberry Alarm Clock?

The duration of The Strawberry Alarm Clock is 4 hours.