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final solution = Endlösung

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Finale Lösung

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Q: How do you say the final solution in german?
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What is final solution in World War 2?

The Final Solution was the German plan to exterminate all of Europe's Jews.

Who was the German in charge of the final solution to the Jewish question?


Why was hitlers final solution a bad idea?

It was an evil idea. The Final Solution refers to 'The final solution to the Jewish question', ie. what to do with the Jews under German control. This invariably meant mass murder or genocide.

What is meaning of FINAL in German?

If you are asking how you say final in german it is Finale (as in the end) If you want a test like an exam/final it is Prufung (with the first u umlautted.)

How did German military victories lead to the Nazis final solution?

German mililtary victories led to more Jews being under their control, which led to the 'Jewish problem' which needed a solution.

Was the cause for the final solution the stealing of blood?

No, the final solution was part of the German plan of Eugenics in which it was believed that if "inferior" people were removed from society, the remaining German people would be able to go on to become Super-humans. The question then became what to do with those who were undesirable; the "Final Solution" was the descision that these people were to be killed.Taking blood was just one way in which the killing was done.

Why did German mobs destroy what they could have the Jews on Kristallnacht?

That was the starting point in putting into effect the Final Solution.

Was the Final Solution a phrase coined by the Nazis?

The full expression was the Final Solution of the Jewish Question (in German die Endloesung der Judenfrage). It may first have been used earlier, but the expression now has a highly specific meaning.

What was Hitler's plan called to eliminate European Jews?

The Final Solution was the name of the plan. The Allies knew of the final solution through intel, but thought it was a military plan, not plans for the Holocaust.

Is the Final Solution a noun?

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

What was the chilling name given to the German plan to systematically eradicate Jews worldwide?

They used the term the Final Solution. We have used the name Holocaust which means a mass slaughter. Some Jewish sects use that term for an offering that is entirely burned on an altar. But holocaust was not used by the Nazis.

What kind of government was the Holocaust?

The holocaust was not a government, but the killing/murder of 6 million people because of who they were. The German government called it the "final solution" and carried it out with forethought and malice. It was a policy of the German government.