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Q: How do you say the mothers in latin nominative plural form?
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What is the plural of the latin word Draco?

The Latin masculine noun draco (a snake) has the nominative plural form dracones

What is the plural form of the Latin word condicio?

Condicio is a feminine 3rd declension noun meaning "condition, situation, rank or stipulation".In the nominative case the plural form is condiciones.

What does the word hostes mean in latin?

Hostes is the nominative or accusative plural form of the noun hostis, meaning a stranger, foreigner or enemy.

What is 'exitio' in English?

A going out is the English equivalent of 'exitio'. The Latin word is a feminine gender noun in the nominative case. The plural form, as the subject of a Latin sentence, is 'exitiones'.

What is the possessive plural form of mother?

The plural form for the noun mother is mothers. The plural possessive form is mothers'.Example: The mothers of several students have formed a mothers' committee.

What does the Latin word nautae mean?

That is a form of "nauta" meaning "sailor." "Nautae" can be singular gen itive (of the sailor) or plural nominative (sailors).

What is the plural form for sanctuary?

Sanctus, -a, -um is a Latin adjective meaning sacred, venerable, holy or virtuous. Its ending must agree with the gender, number and case of the noun it describes, with sanctum being the neuter singular nominative form.The plural neuter nominative form is sancta.

How do you say army of eagles in latin?

The most suitable Latin term for "army" in this case is 'exercitus.' "Eagle" is 'aquila' in Latin, and the genitive plural is 'aquilarum.' So the nominative (subject) form of "army of eagles" in Latin is "exercitus aquilarum."

What does the Latin word Parva mean?

'parvu' means 'small', parva would be the feminine (nominative singular) form, or neuter plural (nominative or accusative). So Parva would mean small (feminine), or small things.

How do you say opportunity in latin?

occasio (in the nominative singular form)

Plural possessive for mothers?

The possessive form of the plural noun mothers is mothers'.Example: The mothers' committee has raised the funds for the playground.

What is 'gentes' in English?

Clans or Families is the English equivalent of 'gentes'. The Latin word is a feminine gender noun that's in the nominative plural as the subject of the sentence. The nominative singular form is 'gens'. An English derivative is 'gentile'.