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the plane is leaving now- el avión está dejando ahora

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Q: How do you say the plane is leaving now in Spanish?
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How do you say we are leaving in Spanish?

Nos vamos

How do you say get me on the plane in Spanish?

"llevame al avion"

What is now in Spanish?

The word 'now' in Spanish is 'ahora', which is pronounced ah-or-ah. If you are trying to say 'What now?' in Spanish, you would say '? Y que ahora?'

How do you say we went by plane in spanish?

"Nos fuimos por avión."

How do you say It's cold now in Spanish?

"Hace frio ahora" is how you would say it is cold now in Spanish.

When you are leaving in spanish?

to say why are you leaving in spanish, it is: Por qué es usted saliendo

How do you say I am preoccupied right now in Spanish?

To say I am preoccupied right now in spanish is, me preocupa ahora mismo.

How do you say i am leaving Sunday in spanish?

Me voy el domingo.

How do you say say it now in spanish?

dígalo ahora

How do you say We are leaving for Oregon in Spanish?

"Salimos para Oregon" or "Nos vamos a Oregon"

How do you say pay me now in spanish?

ahora pagueme, por favor. This is how you say pay me now in spanish, I hope this helps you, Pretty-Zebra

How do you say cameo in spanish answer it now please?

cameo is camafeo in spanish.