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Love (noun) is "amour" in French. To love (verb) is "aimer".

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The french word for love is " Amour", but if you're looking to say "I love you" in French it is "je t'aime".

The word for love in French is "amour" (noun) but the verb to love is "aimer". So to say "I love you", is "Je t'aime"

What is te french word for mother love ? The french word for mother love its je t'aime manmi .

love in french is "amour".

love me is love me in french love is aimer though

Love is l'amour. But when telling somone I love you one would say Je t'aime.

in love in French is "amoureux de".

to love is translated 'aimer' in French

Amour is the French word for love.

"l'amour de la danse" (remember to use an 's' in the French word "danse")

I love it is "j'aime / j'aime ça" in French.

"and her love" is ".. et son amour" in French.

To say the word "I" in French, one would say "je."

To say love in French, say "Amour". To say love in Spanish say "Amor".To say love in Dutch, say "Liefde" .To say love in German, say "Liebe" .To say love in Italian, say "Amore".To say love in Greek, say "Aγάπη".To say love in Russian sa, "влюленность".To say love in Korean, say "사랑".To say love in Japanese, say "愛" (ai).To say love in Hebrew, say "Ahavah".

I love you is spelled 'je t'aime' in French.

J'aime mon.... boo? lol not sure about last word

In French, the word on is sur.

In French, the word "he" is Il.

In French, to say I love you, you say:Je t'aime.

The verb 'to say' is 'dire' in French.

The word 'love' does NOT have any origins relation to a French word for a food.

"I love to eat" in French is j'aime manger.

I love to learn is 'j'aime apprendre' in French.

'Making love' in French is 'Faire l'amour'.

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