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how do you say the word black in Russian

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The word "black" in Russian is "чёрный" (chyorniy).

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Q: How do you say the work black in Russian?
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How do you say black in Russian?

"Black" in Russian is pronounced as "чёрный" (chorniy).

How do you say work in Russian?

"Work" in Russian is "работа" ("rabota", pronounced "rah-BOH-tah").

How do you say how was work in Russian?

raborta раборта

How do you say get to work in Russian?

In Russian, "get to work" is translated as "идти на работу" (idti na rabotu).

How do you say slave in Russian and how is it written in cyrillic?

раб pronounced rawb. it's, interestingly, the root for the word 'to work' in Russian.

Which ingredient changes a Black Russian' to a 'White Russian'?

A black Russian is changed to a white Russian with the addition of cream.

How do you say the phrase let's work in Russian?

Давайте работать. Davayteh rabotat'.

How do you say ''good work'' in Russian?

Хорошая работа. The transliteration will be "khoroshaya rabota".

If Dinah Shores parents were Russian why do you say her father was very black?

Her parents were Russian Jews, so he simply could have been dark tanned.

What kind of animal is called the black Russian?

black russian terriers

How do you say at work in Russian language?

На работе. nah rah-BOH-tyeh.

What is a black russian?

A Black Russian is a cocktail that mixes in a coffee liqueur and vodka.