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How do you say today's date in French including how to say 2008 phonetically?


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May 04, 2008 6:27PM

It depends on what today is, since this note may not be read the same day that I write it!

2008 = deux mille huit (duh meel HWEET) As for the dates, since you didn't specify, I'll tell you in general how you say the date in French. See the related links if you need help.

There are three basic ways to say the date. The syntax is: # C'est + le + date + month (+ year)

# On est + le + date + month (+ year)

# Nous sommes + le + date + month (+ year)

Here's an example of those three: # C'est le 3 mai (2008).

# On est le 12 septembre (2008).

# Nous sommes le 4 juin (2008).

The year is in parentheses since it's your choice whether to include it or not. If you need to find out how to say the numbers in the dates check the related links. You probably have noticed by now that in French you will always put the date in front of the month even when using short form. Here's an example: * English (American): May 3, 2008 (5/3/2008)

* French: le 3 mai 2008 (3/5/2008)

Now there is one exception to writing the date and that is when writing the date on the first of the month. In order to write the date on the first of the month you will use the following syntax # C'est + le + premier + month

# C'est + le + 1e + month Here's an example of those two: # C'est le premier octobre.

# C'est le 1e octobre.