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Nous avons perdu la partie.

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Q: How do you say we lost the game in French?
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How do you say game on in french?

'game on' in french is 'jeu sur'

How do you say lost one in french?

"Lost one" in French is "perdu(e)."

How do you say lost into nothingness in french?

Lost dans le néant.

How do you say lost everything in French?

(to have) lost everything = (avoir) tout perdu.

How do you say Atlantis in french?

Atlantis (lost continent) is spelled 'Atlantide' in French.

How do you say Get away from me in french?

Va t'en! Means "get lost!" or "get away from me" in French.

How do i say lost innocence in french?

l'innocence perdue

How do you say he is lost in French?

il est perdu

What is French for lost rare white lion?

in french to say a lost rare white lion you can say un lion blanc tres rare mais perdu

What to say when your boyfriend lost a game?

You just say "I'm sorry you lost!" If he played a good game, compliment him on how hard he tried, but don't say "good game" if he was goofing off and deserved to lose.

How do you say 'I am lost' in french?

Je suis perdu(e)

HOW DO YOU SAy I'm lost in french?

Je suis perdu.