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?Qué haces?

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Q: How do you say what are you making in Spanish?
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How do you say ''making me suffer'' in Spanish?

I Say: "Haciéndome sufrir"

How do you say at making friends in Spanish?

Hacer amigos

How do you say making that money in spanish?

ganando ese dinero

How do you say love making you happy in spanish?

amo hacerte feliz

How do you say 'I'm making breakfast' in Spanish?

Estoy haciendo el desayuno.

Is it hot there how to say in spanish?

¿Hace calor alla? (is it making hot over there)

How do i say are you making tea in Spanish?

estas haciendo te? (ehstahs ahseeehndo teh?)

What spanish word that means bless you can be use when making a toast?

you can say "salud" when you have finished your speech

How do you say You are making me blush in Spanish?

You are making me blush. In Spanish: Tu me haces ruborizar.

How do you say 'you are making me hot' in Spanish?

You can say "Tú me haces caliente" or "Tú me estás haciendo caliente"unless you are actually talking about actually making someone warmer. Then it would be "Me haces calor".

Its sunny in spanish?

By and large, you just say, "It's making much sun." Hace mucho sol.

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.