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Que tal (pronounced: k-tal)

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HOW DO YOU say baby whats up in spanish?

To say ''Baby wats up'' in spanish you say or write ''que onda bebé''

How do you say whats up in Spanish?

Que Pasa (KA-PASA

How do you say whats up princess in spanish?

Que tal, princesa?

Whats up in spanish?


What is Ke pasa in Spanish?

its a phrase meaning "whats up?" or "whats going on?" or "whats happening?"

What does the Spanish word Que tal mean?

The spanish phrase que tal means whats up or whats going on.

How do you say so what have you been up to?

You say whats up?

Why do skittles say taste the rainbow?

Because that is their slogan - they want you to think of the colorful skittles candies when you think of a rainbow, so they made that slogan up.

Hello What is going on in spanish?

To say ''Hello, whats going on'' in spanish you can say a few different things. to say it in a formal way you would say Hola, como estas? (hello, how are you?) in an informal way you would say Hola, que tal? (hello, wats up?)

How are skittles made and where they come up with skittles?

Skittles are made in north America and new zeland

What does a monkey say to the chicken?

whats up

How do you translate what is up into spanish?

Whats up = Que Pasa or Pronounced "Kay pausa"

What is kuibo in spanish?

it is ¿que hubo? in english is like Whats up?

How do you say hello in Alaska?

you say hello or whats up... you know

How do you say hello what's up in Bengali?

whats up baby

How do you write Whats up most commonly in Mexican?

You can't because there is no such language called ''Mexican" In Spanish, you could say: Que hay? or Que pasa?

What is 'Qué pasa' when translated from Spanish to English?

It means "What's Up?". also Whats wrong, or whats the matter

How do you say whats up in Portuguese?

What has happened? = Que acontecue?

How do you say whats up in Chinese?

tai won gui

What do you say hands up in Spanish?

'Hands up' in Spanish is: 'manos arriba.'

What do you say to a girl in the hall way?

give her a compliment or say, "hey, whats up?"

How do you say put your hands up in spanish?

How to say "put your hands up" in spanish is PUT YOUR HANDS UP (i do not no why but that is how haha) hope that helped!

How do you say up the stairs in Spanish?

Subiendo las escaleras is how you say up the stairs in Spanish.

How do you say 'to wake up' in Spanish?

'To wake up' in Spanish is 'despertar.'

What up girl in spanish?

Que tal chica is how you say what up girl in Spanish.

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