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You could say "Tú hablas siempre". "Siempre estás hablando" could also be used.

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Q: How do you say you always speaking in spanish?
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How do you say i love speaking spanish in Spanish?

Translation: Me encanta hablar español.

Is US considered a Spanish speaking country?

The U.S. will always be an English speaking country, but spanish is the second most popular language in the U.S.

How do you say what language are you speaking in Spanish?

What language are you speaking = ¿Que idioma habla Usted?

How do you say mucho gusto me llamo in Argentina?

Because Argentina is a Spanish speaking country, you would say it the same way you would in any other Spanish speaking country.

How do you say what is in your room in Spanish?

go to google translate or ask a spanish speaking friend

How do you say Janice in Spanish?

Juanita is how you say Janice in Spanish. However, the American name Janice is sometimes used in Spanish-speaking countries.

What is the largest spanish speaking continent?

I would say that South America has more spanish speaking persons than any other continent.

Main food in Spanish?

Are you asking what the main food is of Spanish-speaking people? Or are you asking how to say the words "main food" in Spanish? Please clarify your question. But the main food of Spanish-speaking people is different from one Spanish-speaking country to another.

Do Spanish speaking people say their adverbs last?


What is Ashton in Spanish?

There is no way to say Ashton in spanish. if you go to a spanish speaking country and ask they'll say your name the way you did only in an acsent.

How do you say I am only speaking Spanish today?

You can say "Sólo hablo español hoy"

How do you say its bobby in spanish?

"es Bobby" or "Soy Bobby" to say that you are Bobby, speaking.