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Eres un buen besador.

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Q: How do you say you are a good kisser in Spanish?
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Is perri kiely a good kisser?

a video has been caught of him having a big kiss with........ um i dunno who it is actually. but seeing that i wud say that he is a good kisser.

How do you say kisser in Finnish?

'Kisser' in Finnish is 'suu'.

Is Zac Efron the best kisser in the world?

Well, proberly not the world but half the girls he kiss do say he's a pretty good kisser.

How do you call someone who kisses a lot in Spanish?

Spanish kisser

Is Willow Smith a good kisser?

yes willow smith is a good kisser for her age

What if he asks are you a good kisser?

Respond honestly. If you have no idea how to kiss, spin it positively, saying that you want him to show you. If you know that you are a good kisser, you can say this quite straightforwardly. Do not say you are a good kisser when you are not, because the guy will likely figure that out quickly when he kisses you and it just creates awkwardness.

I cant tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Does this mean I am not a good kisser?

No, that is just a neat talent some people have & some do not.

Is cancer a good kisser?

everyone is different, and obviously anyone with that sun sign is different too! Any Canceran (sp?) can be a good kisser or a bad kisser.

What is the secret to being a good kisser?

there actually is no secret to being a good kisser. just relax and kiss him or her.

Is Kevin Jonas a good kisser?

yes he is, he is a great kisser Who do you know????? weirdoess..

Is bill kaulitz a good kisser?

as long as i saw the pictures it's so appears that he's a pretty good kisser

How do you know if your a good kisser or not?

how do u know if your a good kisser..well, if when you kiss a person and they don't want to stop that's one way to know. and the look on their face should say it all...soo i hope i helped u booo's