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Q: How do you say you are beauitfulsexy woman?
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What did the woman say to the man?

i am a woman

How do you say How are you To woman?

You say "How are you (To woman?)" in Maasai language of the African origin as "Takwenya?".

How do you say woman in portuguese?

mulher = woman

How do you say I am a Choctaw woman?

Choctaw woman

How do you say woman in Lakota?

Shungmanituwin = Coyote woman or wolf woman.

How do you say mighty woman of god in latin?

mighty woman

Is the maker of webkinz a woman?

People say it is a woman and not a man so I am thinking it is a woman.

What to say after you say hi to a woman?

Say "Howon?" (whats goin on?)

How do you say woman in Germán?

English: "the woman" is German: "die Frau".

How do say woman in maori?

The word for woman in Maori is "wahine."

How do you say woman in Yiddish?

"Woman" in Yiddish is "פרוי" (pronounced "froy").

How do you you say my woman in french?

You can say "ma femme" in French to refer to "my woman."