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How do you say you are boring in spanish?

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The adjective "boring" is ennuyeux. So "you are boring" is Tu est ennuyeux (informal) or vous êtes ennuyeux(formal).

Because of the spelling, this would be the same for speaking to a man, woman, or multiple people.

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How do you say boreing in spanish?

"Boring" is "aburrido".

How do you say your boring me in spanish?

'You're boring me' = '(tu) me aburres' or 'tu estas aburriendome'

How do you say I am boring in Spanish?

Translation: Soy aburrido.

How do you say This story is boring in Spanish?

Translation: Este cuento es aburrido.

How do you say it's boring in here in Spanish?

Translation: Es aburrido aquí.

How do you say boaring in spanish?

boring = aburrido/a(s) (male/female(plural))

How do you say boring in Spanish?

Aburrido is boring. One thing to watch is the use of ser and estar with this. Estoy aburrido means "I am bored". Soy aburrido means "I am boring".

How can one say 'you are boring' in Spanish?

The diffence between "you are boring" and "you are bored" in Spanish depends on which of the "to be" verbs is used. If you use "ser", then you are suggesting an intrinsic characteristic. "Eres aburrido" is "you are boring". If you use "estar", it is a transient. "Estás aburrido" is "you are bored".

How do you say are you bored in Spanish?

Estoy aburrido. Be careful not to say "Soy aburrido" - that means "I am boring".

How do you say today was boring day in spanish?

Translation: Hoy fue un día aburrido.

How do you say today is a boring day in spanish?

Translation: Hoy es un día aburrido.

How do say 'I'm bored' in Spanish?

Estoy aburrido. Make sure not to say "Soy aburrido". That means "I am boring".

How do you say it was boring in spanish?

Era aburrido/a (masculine/feminine 'it') Pronounced 'AIRah ahbooRREEthaw/ah' ('th' as in 'the')

What do abburido means in spanish?

aburrido means bored..if you say soy aburrido that means you are a boring person, if you say estoy aburrido that means I'm bored..like in that moment. Que aburiddo means how boring!

How do you say you are boring me in Punjabi?

To say boring in punjabi you must say vadda boring insaan haiga. That is how we say this. punjabis mostly use this means.

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