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Estoy aquí para siempre.

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Eres siempre en mi corazon.

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Estoy acá para...

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Q: How do you say you are forever in heart in spanish?
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How do you say heart you in Spanish?

To say heart in spanish, say: corazón

How do you say forever in my heart in maori?

how do I say," you will always have my heart "in maori

How do you say 'forever in my heart' in Egyptian Arabic?

say : malek ulbi

How you say heart in spanish?

Corazón is heart in spanish.

How do you say And forever in Spanish?

Y siempre

How do you say sisters forever in spanish?

"Sisters forever" is "hermanas para siempre".

How do you say in your heart forever in spanish?

En su corazón para siempre Alternatively: Eternamente en tu (or 'su', polite/respectful) corazon.

How do you say forever in Spanish?

To say "forever" is para siempre. (The word siempre means "always.")

How do you say forever Myra in spanish?

siempre myra

How do you say live forever in spanish?

Para siempre.

How do you say 'forever me' in spanish?

por siempre yo

How do you say be with me forever in Spanish?

Estar conmigo siempre