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usted va muchacha

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Q: How do you say you go girl in Mexican?
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How to say looking good in Mexican?

In spanish how you say good looking it is bonita for a girl or bonito for boy

How do you say shake in Mexican?

Go to google translate

Why did the Mexican girl get pregnant?

Because her teacher told her to go do her essay for the weekend.

Would Patrick Owen Breeding ever go out with a Mexican girl?

yes! probably!

Is the rapper lil sam a girl?

Is lil sam the rapper a girl? No he is not hes a boy with long hair mixed with black and Mexican so don't ever say hes a girl or that will be last thing you type or say

How do say beautiful in Mexican?

First of all, Mexican is not a language. It is Spanish that the majority of Mexicans speak. Beautiful in Spanish is Bello or Bella.

How can you say to a girl that you like her?

Go for it!

Should a black boy date a Mexican girl?

don't worry about race. If u like her or him, then go out with them.

Do nepali and Mexican get along well?

I would say so. I am Nepali guy going out with a Mexican girl. So far everything is going good and we love each other very much. I hope to get married to this girl one day.

How do say you are a girl in Spanish?

~ Nina is how to say girl in spanish...... duhhh didnt you go to school! LOL

Would vic fuentes date a bigger girl?

It is possible that Vic Fuentes would date a bigger girl. He is a Mexican, and Mexican men tend to like curvier women. His previous girlfriends appear to be quite small in size, but thats not to say that a curvy girl couldn't get his attention.

What is chicka in Mexican?