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Su cita es en el martes con Dr. Perez

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Q: How do you say your appointment is on Tuesday with Dr Perez in spanish?
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How do you you say Tuesday in Spanish?


How do you say classes on Tuesday in Spanish?

classes on Tuesday = clases el martes

How do you say on Tuesday in Spanish?

on Tuesday = el martes (el MAHR-tehs)

How do you say appointment necessary in spanish?

Cita indispensable

How do you say appointment in spanish?


How do you say today is Tuesday in spanish?

Hoy es martes.

How do you say no appointment necessary in spanish?

No hace falta concertar una cita.

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Martes 21 de Marzo

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la cita es en la mañana

How do you say 'appointment cancelled' in Spanish?

You would say "La próxima cita".

How do you say in Spanish This is the location of your appointment?

Este es el lugar de su cita