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Q: How do you score points in fantasy football on defense?
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Can you score in fantasy sports with only yourself in the league?

You can still score points whatever Fantasy Football you take part in, but I find it much more intersting when you compete against other people.

What are fantansy football teams?

Fantasy football teams consist of quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, defenses, running backs and kickers. These players score points for their fantasy football teams in head to head games.

How is fantasy football played?

You select players from current active football-team rosters to create your own "fantasy team." You score points whenever players on your created team do something in a game: gain yards, score a touchdown, catch a pass, etc. You generally win by totaling more points than an opponent who has created his/her own fantasy team.

Why did Patriots defense fantasy score change last night?

Fanstay points are awarded on the performance of the D during the game, and are finalized after the game is over. Its quite possible that the official stats were changed, thus the Pats Fantasy D points were altered.

Football how many points do you score from a td?


What does the offense in football?

The offense tries to score points.

Football game with 2 to 0 score?

that means one of teams which was on defense scored a safety, or tackled a ball carrier in the end zone in the oppossing endzone which gave them 2 points, and the other team didn't score

How many points does a conversion score in football?

1 point

What does own percent mean in fantasy football?

It's the % of owners on that Fantasy Football site that 'own' that player, or have that player on their team. Peyton Manning for example will always have 100% ownership, as there shouldn't be a league anywhere where a team hasn't picked him up. The third string quarterback on the Colts however will probably have a 0% ownership because he will never play and score any fantasy points for anyone.

Football team will score highest points in 2008?

Texas Tech

The most recent high scoring football score?

100 points

How do you beat flip flop football on nflrz?

You need to score the most points.