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A person can see a UFO in "Sims Castaway Stories" for the PC by looking through their telescope in the game. They can also be seen by visiting a crash site.

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Q: How do you see a UFO in sims castaway stories PC?
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What stories can you play in sims 2 castaway stories?

There is only one storymode, and one free play mode in sims 2 castaway stories, unlike the other sims 2 stories games. When you first begin the story mode, you see two choseable characters (or the option to make one), but that doesn't mean there are two story modes.

How do you start over sims castaway stories?

The option i know of is to install and uninstall. This is how: Go to start on your computer. Then press contol panel. Select "add or remove programs". On the side pick "change or remove programs". Skim the list and you shouls see the sims TM castaway stories. Click change/remove. When it pops up do you want to uninstall press YES. Hope i helped you! :] HAPPY SIMMING!

On Sims 3 can a sim become a castaway?

No it can't but you can go to the beach and stuff for partys but you can't become a castaway :(. For more information go to sims to see videos and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it helps! :D

Can you see the cheat gnome in Sims 2 castaway?

yes, it looks just like a garden gnome

The sims life stories per PS2?

The Sims life Stories is for PC and Mac and not PS2. see related link

How do you get the honeycomb on sims 2 castaway?

you have to have a torch then you go up to honey comb and you will see (smoke bees) Thank you

The pregnancy cheat for the sims 2 castaway ps2?

No, There is not a hack. I have tried to use the little gnome people say will pop-up if you do all this crazy stuff, but i never see it. Sorry! The sims 2 castaway for PC works but not for any other system.

Where are the beaches on the third island on sims 2 castaway for wii?

look at your map and youwill see bits blured check there.

Where do you get nails in the sims 2 castaway?

I don't see why you would need nails...? You can use the vines as rope which will be as usefull as if you had nails.

What happens to a crew member if you ask them to leave on Sims 2 Castaway for PS2?

they will live on the island! if your sims go home the one that's not in ur tribe will NOT return and you WONT see them on the boat when ur sims are going home

What do people usually see on a UFO sighting?

They usually see UFO's at a UFO sighting

Can you do woohoo on the sims 2 castaway for wii?

yes u can woohoo on the sims 2 castaway for wii. if your sim dont woohoo(sex) they dont like each other or not ready. it also work for the following: psp, ps2. maybe the x box but idk. but i see if it dose ok bye NOW!:)