How do you seed teams in an 11 team double elimination tournament?


Hint: go to - they have sample brackets that can help...

In the brackets I created at seeds 6 through 11 participate in play-in games. The 10 seed plays the 11 seed, the winner playing the 1 seed, the 7 plays 6 the winner playing the 3 seed, the 9 plays 8 the winner playing the 2 and the 4 seed plays the 5 seed. The losers drop down to the losers bracket. Matches continue with the losers bracket being fed by the losers from the winners bracket. Eventually the winner of the losers bracket meets the winner of the winners bracket.

Go to to download a pre-printed bracket for 3 to 13 teams. It auto-populates the seeds into their appropriate seeding spots when you list the seeds. It's free and requires no registration. Enjoy!