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Download Facebook messenger for iPhone

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Q: How do you send a photo on an iPad to someone's inbox on facebook?
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How do you send photos from iPad to Facebook?

Download Facebook app. Log in to your Facebook Profile. Click Photo button. Choose Take a Photo or Choose from Library.

How do you download photo from iPad to Facebook?

Tap on the picture to make it bigger, then hold your finger on the picture. A pop-up should appear at teh bottom that asks you what you want to do. Tap "Save Photo" and the photo will be saved to your Camera Roll. Hope this helps :)

How can you download Photo Booth to your iPad?

The iPad 2 comes with Photo booth built in. The original iPad does not include Photo booth as it does not have a camera.

If you use mail on iPad will the mail in your inbox disappear?

No, it will not disappear.

Can you access Facebook on an iPad?

Yes! the ipad will feature internet and all that other good stuff so yes you can get facebook on and ipad. You could also download the facebook app to your ipad. :)

How upload photo from iPad to facebook?

1) got on to the facebook app 2) click on photos 3) tap on saved photos 4) then on the right bottom part of the ipad screen it should say "upload" 5) click upload then wait for it to upload

How do you save a photo on an iPad 1?

You can't take a photo on the iPad 1. It doesn't have a camera.

How do you Transfer pictures from iPad to Facebook?

Pictures can be transferred from an iPad to Facebook with the free Facebook app (See links below).

Can you win an iPad from an inbox on facebook?

yhyh, but only if u click on da like loads of tymes so you can get millionz of ipad4's cumin 2 ur yard, ygm. SoHigh#.

How can you copy photo from laptop to iPad?

The easiest way is to email it to the iPad.

How do you play Facebook games on iPad?

Go to Games on Facebook on your iPad, Not all games will work on the iPad because they need Flash or some other software which the iPad dose not support.

How do you edit a photo on an iPad?

by editing it!