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Amazon returns policy vary depending on the type of item returned but most items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. They also have an extended policy for returns for the holidays.

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They have a return button when you send your information to them you pick how fast a phone answer you want in minutes or hours or right away and you get a call instantly.

From a live operator.

Warning i sent back a unit and they claim i was late well it could have been a day maybe two due to a Monday holiday but they never did follow up and check to credit my account.

i sent all my paperwork as required but think someone profited on the deal.

sad because the item i bought a Lexmark 1400 printer has a defect and the replacement i received has the same has problem since then they have kept lowering the price .

Sadly i like the web site.

I like the company but they should have a followup live system beyond the auto mated third party that accept the return details. From that point you're dead ended .

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One can return gifts purchase through Amazon by speaking to the person who placed the original order. Most unsealed items, in their original packaging, may be returned back to Amazon within 30 days of purchase.

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no, unfortunately you cant

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Q: How do you send things back to Amazon?
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