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Hold the Scan/RPT button down then press the 4 to change the hour or 5 to change the minute.

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Your owner's manual will contain this information.

The clock on a 2002 Honda Civic can be reset in two ways. Removing the right tire will allow access to the clock controls. Our using the radio buttons to select the appropriate time.

how to do you set the time clock on a 2007 honda jazz

How set clock in bmw 2002 325xI

How do youchange the clock on a 2002 zx2 ford escort?

turn radio off n use radio knobs to set the clock

im needing to know how do i set my clock in a 2002 BMW 330ci can you help me ..thanks this is my first BMW ...let me know asap ..

To set the clock on a 2011 Honda Pilot, press the middle of the knob that adjusts the clock until you see the part that you need to change, such as the hour. Then, turn the knob until it gets to the correct time. Then, select "exit" to finish.

This information can be found in the owner's manual.

hold boton that says clock then use the preset #4 and 6 for time ajusting

press and hold the clock button then push the seek/scan to change

turn your car and turn the knob to the right to set the time

To set the clock on a 2002 Chevy cavalier you must press and hold one of the arrow keys located near the clock. You will hear a "beep" this is letting you know that your car is ready to set the clock. Quickly after you hear this beep, press the arrow buttons up and down and that changes the time. Leave it alone after the time is set and it will set itself permently until you change it again!! Very easy!

how do i check the timing on my 02 honda 350 atv

On my 2002 suzuki grand vitara I set the clock by pressing and holding the *disp* button to the right of the *<<* *>>* arrows( located at the right middle area of the stereo). Hold the disp button and push the << button to set the hours and >> button to set the minutes.

It's on honda odysses manual. If I remember it correctly, you have to press and hold xm radio button untill clock is flashed. Adjust the clock by press 4 = H, 5 = M, 6 = S. Hope it helps

Well, if it is like my 2002 Ford Windstar, you press and hold the clock button and use the seek and tune buttons to change the hours and minutes.

Use the buttons on the steering wheel . If you go into the settings via these buttons you can sety thge clock

what year? if it's a third gen there's buttons right next to the display.

Press the FM button marked clock in small letters. Time will flash. Press the #4 preset button to set hour; press #5 for minute. Press the FM button again to complete.

Use the buttons on the steering wheel . If you go into the settings via these buttons you can sety thge clock

Hold AM button on radio. After 5 secs. Clock will blink and then use the disc plus and minus to adjust hour and seek + or - for minutes.

Assuming you mean the clock in the radio display. turn on radio, Press the RDS control button until it Clock Hour is displayed then use the SEL control (up/down) to set the hour. The Clock Minutes is the next item in the RDS control display. Use the SEL control to set the minutes while in the Clock minutes mode.

With the ignition on, press the mode button on the steering wheel and hold, the clock on the dash will flash you then use the channel up and down to set the clock. Really there are no easy or hard questions..... Easy questions are defined by the fact you know the answer ;0). Rob

how do you set the clock on a 2001 oldismobile aurora

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