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How do you set the clock on a 1998 Chevy Metro LSI?

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2015-07-16 19:20:01
2015-07-16 19:20:01

Owners manual.

Regarding my question, the car came without an owners manual

I do not have an owners manual either.

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will a 1998 suzuki esteem 1.3 moter fit a 199 geo metro lsi

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The fuel filter on a 2001 Chevy Metro LSI is located along the vehicle's frame, just beyond the fuel tank. It is positioned inline to prevent contaminants from reaching the engine and allow for easy replacement.

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mostly, yes. however Chevy bought GEO in 97 so there may be a few mods to the '98 it really depends on which parts you are referring

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You shouldn't be able to overheat a Geo Metro unless there is something wrong.

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