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How do you setthe timing on 350 Chevy?

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how do you set the timing for a 1997 Chevy 350 5.7 engine

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how do i set the timing for a chevy 350 small block?

what is the timing specifications for 1985 Chevy with a 5.7 liter 350?

The Firing order for a Chevy 350 is 18436572.

The Chevrolet 350 V8 does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.The Chevrolet 350 V8 does not have a timing belt. It has a chain.

It depends on the year.

In order to set the timing on a 98 Chevy 350 vortex, you have to time with a scan tool that will let you set timing. Or let garage do it

how do you adjust the timing on a 1977 350 Chevy engine k-10

There is a big difference in how timing is set. We need to know what year.

It depends which side of the road the retards are on when the Chevy passes.

The vacuum canister can advance 24 degrees beyond initial timing.

Chevy did not make the Wrangler, Jeep (Chrysler) did, and they did not come with a 350 - that's a GM engine.

The easiest way is to look at the Harmonic Balancer. The 305 has a wider thicker balancer than the 350. Pus the timing tab on a 305 is located ON the timing cover and the 350 is bolted on the with the cover bolts. Riky9

The Chevy 350 does not have a timing belt, It has a timing chain. If you are wanting to know where to set the timing, then I need to know the year of the engine. Thay are all different.

It does not have a timing belt. The cam is chaindriven.

Type your answer here... no, its glass.

Zero, tdc / top dead center

all Chevy tbi's are to be set at 0 degrees

The factory timing chains have a lot more slack than the aftermarket chains.

Just set timing for 4 deg BTDC on my 69 runs great.

The timing is electronic controlled. You MUST have an OBDII engine scanner to set the timing to specs. Timing light will not work.

I belive it is 4 degrees advanced at 500 rpm