Care of Rabbits

How do you sex rabbits?

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January 02, 2011 4:16AM

An un-neutered, mature male rabbit, (several months old and

more), will have two large pink testicles under his belly near the

back legs. A female will not.

In younger rabbits, it is harder to tell. Grab the rabbit and

turn it on its back in your lap. It helps to have someone to hold

it while you check. Hold the tail back and press gently either side

of the "area in question" (you're looking for the slit-like, pointy

hole here, not the bit where the droppings come from), so

that it sort of rolls outwards. There is a knack to this. A female

will come out to be a pyramidal shape with a slit up one side, a

male will be straight up-and-down like a post and with a round hole

in the middle. Also if the male is more than 3 or 4 months old you

may see a rounded protrusion appear in the middle.

Sound hard in writing, but once you've seen both it is easy to

see the difference.

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