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How do you short out a cell phone battery?

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You keep pressing buttons, using the internet or play games! It's easy to play with the apps on your cell phone. Hope this helps! :)

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Cell Phone Batteries?

form_title=Cell Phone Batteries form_header=Recharge your cell phone with a new battery! What type of cell phone do you need a battery for?=_ Do you run your battery all the way down before charging it?= () Yes () No What carrier do you have?=_ What is wrong with the battery you have now?=_

Is it ok to answer your cell phone when it is plugged into an electrical outlet?

it is not recommended to use your cell phone when charging, this could cause the circuits to short. Ideally you should charge your battery when your phone is turned off

Is it expensive to replace your cell phone battery?

No, it is not expensive to replace your cell phone battery. Cell phone batteries can range in price from $9.99 for a Lemar lithium-ion battery to $69.99 for a platium series lithium-polymer battery.

Can I get a replacement battery for a BT50 Motorola Cell Phone?

Yes you can get a replacement battery for a BT50 Motorola Cell Phone

Where can you buy a Nokia Cell Phone Battery?

You can buy a Nokia cell phone battery at almost any phone store that sells cell phone accessories. You could also look on eBay or amazon for cell phone batteries.

Why battery not charging?

Dead cell or short in the battery.

Cell phone battery voltages?

Cell phone voltages are DC5V-5.5V

If your cell phone will not charge could this be the battery or the battery charger?

If your cell phone will not charge it could be the battery or the battery charger. You best way to find out is to try the battery charger on a similar phone and see if it charges the other one.

What battery is a cell phone battery?

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery

What is cell in cell phone?

Cell is short for cellular.

What is a cell in cell phone?

Cell is short for cellular.

How long does the cell phone battery of an iphone last?

The cell phone battery of an iPhone lasts a few years. However, battery ife diminishes as tme goes on.

Will removing cell phone battery erase data?

No, the data is stored in your non-volatile internal memory of the cell phone which has nothing to do with the battery. battery is only for powering the memory and other componets in the cell

How does a battery run a cell phone?

the lithium ion inside of it helps it run on a cell phone

Does the Motorola cell phone car charger allow the phone to be charged up to maximum battery?

The Motorola Cell Phone Car Charger will allow you to charge your cell phone up to 90% of its battery capacity in a few hours.

Is the car battery affected when charging cell phone?

Yes but the energy stored in a car battery is several hundred times the energy needed to charge a cell phone battery once.

How to get the battery out of cell phone?

firstly, open the backside of your phone then take the battery by pressing one side up and then take it from your phone.....

Can ice hurt a phone battery?

Yes, it can get the battery wet and short circuit it.

What do you mean by battery light?

it means the light on a battery of a computer or cell phone

How do you test a battery in a Motorola cell phone?

Take the battery out and test it with a multimeter.

How to Repair a Cell Phone Soaked in Water ?

There are many different ways that you can damage your cell phone from water. For example, your cell phone can be damaged from rainwater. In addition, your cell phone can be damaged by being put in a washing machine or even being dropped in water. Condensation and humidity can also damage your cell phone. If your cell phone is damaged from water, there are many different repairs available that can fix a cell phone.Remove the Cell Phone from WaterIf you have dropped your cell phone in water, it is essential that you remove the cell phone from the water as soon as possible. This is extremely important. Water can damage your cell phone if it stays in the water too long. In fact, water can damage your cell phone in twenty seconds.Take out the Cell Phone BatteryIf your cell phone has been damaged by water, you need to take out the battery as soon as you can. Taking the battery out of your cell phone is a great way to make sure that the battery does not ruin your cell phone's circuit board.Drying Your Cell PhoneAfter removing the battery from the cell phone, you need to dry the cell phone off with a soft cloth. Using an old shirt or a washrag is a good idea. You can also put your cell phone near a hair dryer. This will dry out the cell phone. You can essentially put your cell phone near anything that gives off warm air so it will dry out.Set Aside Your Cell PhoneYou can play it safe by setting your cell phone aside for a few days. This will give your cell phone enough time to dry out. You should make sure that your cell phone stays turned off while you are drying it out. In addition, you should keep your cell phone uncovered. There should not be a protective case on your cell phone while you are drying it out. It may also be a good idea for you to keep the battery out of the cell phone.

Why won't my cell phone battery last longer than one day at a full charge I have to charge it every night, is this hurting or helping the cell phone battery?

I don't think that charging a cell phone battery every night hurts the battery. It does not matter how long the battery is being charged. The battery is created for specified period of time and then needs to be changed.

Why does the speaker phone on cell phones use more battery power?

The speaker phone on your cell phone uses additional technology. Since it is using more hardware, it requires more battery.

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