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How do you show initiative?

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By presenting my ideas as possible solution and making myself known as approachable.

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What is a sentence for initiative?

Example sentence for the noun 'initiative': It pays to show initiative at work, because you will stand out from the others. The organization's initiative has been delivered to the legislature.

How would you show initiative?

i would show by helping to teach my friends

How did you show initiative in a previous proffessional environment?

You can show initiative by doing what needs to be done without being asked. You can also learn what needs to be done to move to the next level and then do it.

How do you answer 'Describe a time that you show initiative?

well the true answer this is to ask yourself what the word "initiative" means. Think of a time that you show great care in going on a bold or outrages adventure.

What is a sentence for the word initiative?

Greg took the initiative in making new friends when he moved into town.Salesman are expected to show intiative in finding new clients.The spring initiative forced the remnants of the French army out of Russia.A sentence for initiative would be, 'He takes the initiative in his job and does things before he is asked.' Initiative means a leading action or beginning steps.

Why does Ralph take initiative to scale the castle rock?

He takes the initiative because he needs to show the rest of the tribe that he is still in control, he also needs to show the kids that because he is the leader he has to do things that other are afraid or that they don't want to do

What is initiative attitude?

h An initiative attitude is in my humble understanding the ability to through ones on motivation show the capability to undertake a task or bring out an idea and actively carry it out

What is a good sentence for initiative?

He took the initiative, a peace initiative.

What was the name of the DHARMA initiative research station that was located underwater on the show lost?

the looking glass

How do you show initiative in daily life?

This is a simple question designed to show your personality. You can talk about how you try new things or figure out solutions to problems.

Example for initiative?

A person may be asked to show an example of initiative in a job interview. They could mention volunteer work, extracurricular activities, or helping another person out in a situation, typically on a job.

How do you say this word initiative?


SHow is initiative operates professionally and ethically?

A person who shows initiative, operates professionally and ethically is an ideal candidate for any organization. These are some of the attributes one should have besides the qualifications and skills for a job.

What is the Latin translation for the word initiative in Latin?

The translation would be, ausus - daring, initiative or orsus - undertaking, initiative

What part of speech is initiative?

The word initiative is a noun. An initiative is a new development or a new way of dealing with something.

What is initiative in verb form?

Initiate is the verb form of initiative.

When was Communist Initiative created?

Communist Initiative was created in 2005.

What is initiative?

Drive. If someone has the initiative to do something, they feel driven to do it.

What is the Tagalog word for Initiative?

Tagalog word for Initiative: pagkukusa

What does initiative mean?

Initiative comes from initiate, to start. Initiative is the willingness to start things without being told to do so.

What is a sentence that uses the word initiative?

She used initiative when she noticed the school's garbage cans were overflowing.On his own initiative, the boy brought up school bullying to his teacher.An initiative for change can be local or worldwide.

How do you show competence?

To show competence you should show that you work well on your own initiative as well as part of a team and that you are capable and able to see a job through to the end and do your very best at whatever you turn your hand to.

How do you spell initiative?

'Initiative' is the correct spelling. It means the power to take charge before others do. "He had the initiative to clean up the mess."

Is jcpenney an employee initiative?

uh in a way but mostly corporate initiative.

What is an example of an initiative?

a county ballot initiative to limit development in backcountry.