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You can show squared (or at least I did on my computer) by using the ^ sign after the number you are squaring followed by a 2.

(Eg. 3 squared would look like this: 3^2=9)

This also works to cube a number.

(Eg. 3 cubed would look like: 3^3=27)

This symbol is located on my 6 button, it might be different on yours.

(Not sure what they were going for here)



Or on a word document you can press control, shift and plus to get you into the correct mode. Then all lettering will be small and at the top of your writing. Like if you do the 'th' on the date.

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How do you do the squared sign on a computer?

Type the number 2 as normal then highlight it and in the font menu tick 'superscript' like this : x2

How do you write squared on the computer?

7(squared) or 7(sq)

Does 3 squared equal 6?

No, three squared is nine. 3(squared sign) =3x3 =9

Why do you have to put a cubed sign for surface area answers?

You don't. You put a cubed sign for volume, which surface area is not. Surface area gets a squared sign. The reason for THAT is to show it's a 2-dimensional measurement.

Can you save a TV show on computer from the internet?

it can if enough people were to sign a petition and send it to the company afterward.

What is m2 the mathematical sign for?

Mass squared (mass*mass)

how do i change my sign-in time on my computer?

ask google

What is the size of a hybrid computer?

1000000000 km squared

Where squared sign standard computer?

If you are on a computer that has the number keys on the right side of the keyboard, you will be able to do this. Press and hold ALT, then press 253 while holding ALT. If this isn't working, check to make sure your Num Lock isn't on.

How do you prove cot squared theta plus cos squared theta plus sin squared theta scs squared theta?

Until an "equals" sign shows up somewhere in the expression, there's nothing to prove.

What is the sign for square meters?

square meters or meters squared: m2

Algebra - Does the squared sign mean times itself?


How do you type a peace sign on the computer?

On a windows computer, type the and sign. Then the pound sign. Press the ALt key as you type 9774.

Where is division sign on computer keyboard DELL computer?

Use ALT + 0247 to get the divide sign: ÷

What a squared number?

A squared number is a number multiplied by itself. For example, two (2) squared is 2 X 2 = 4; three (3) squared is 3 X 3 = 9. A number squared is shown on a computer as x^2, so 2 squared is 2^2, and 3 squared is 3^2.

Is tv show dump safe?

No i have a Mcaffee laptop and this has a yellow warning sign DONT GO THERE IF YOU DONT WANT YOUR COMPUTER TO BE RISKED

Do you put a squared sign after you find the area of a trapezoid or triangle?

Yes. The superscript x2 simply means squared. All areas are shown this way.

How do you get a number squared on a computer?

your mom just kidding alt 0178

How do you make codes work in Club Penguin on computer?

You click UNLOCK ITEMS ONLINE then sign in (do not click sign in just go into your account). Click I have a code then enter it. After that the screen will show what you have won!

Who sings show some sign gospel?

if you got it you ought show some sign

What is the sign for divide on computer?

its /

How do you write a number squared in word 2007?

If you want to show four squared, write the two as a superscript like this: 42

How do you unlock a computer?

To unlock a computer, press any key on the keyboard. You will then be prompted to sign in with your details on the sign-in screen.

How do you type math symbols on a computer?

= is the equals sign + is the plus sign * is the multiplication sign / is the divide sign - is the minus sign

Why is the sign for squared a two?

If you learned about numbers to powers then you will know a number or letter multiplied by its self is to the second power OR squared .like to the third power is a three

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