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Disconnect the battery or pull the fuse to the horn then have an auto tech correct the problem.

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Q: How do you shut alarm off with no set of keys?
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Is there an alarm clock that alarm every hour?

There are some alarm clocks on the market that will go off every hour if they are set correctly. There are also alarm apps for smartphones and tablets that can go off every hour or even less.

How do you set the alarm on sharp twin bell quartz analog alarm clock?

On the back there should be an alarm set knob (the one with the picture of a bell). On the face of the clock there should be a small, red, short, extra "hand" that doesn't move with the time; that's the alarm setting. Holding the face towards you, turn the alarm knob on the back until the alarm hand points to the time you want the alarm to go off, based on where the hour hand would be (remembering that the hour hand of an analog clock moves slowly between the numbers of this and the next hour, so 6:30 would be halfway between the 6 and the 7). Then there must be a way to turn on/off the alarm. Set this to on before you go to bed at night. In the morning when you wake up you will set this to off to stop the alarm. Don't turn it back on until before you go to bed, or else it will go off at the PM, not the AM, version of the alarm time.

Is it just coincidence that my alarm clock goes off everyday at the same time?

No. It has been set to do that. Check your instructions on how to change that.

How do you set your alarm clock?

read the diractons

If you went to bed at eight in the evening and set the alarm to get up at nine in the morning how many hours of sleep would this permit?

With a "regular" alarm clock, your alarm would go off at nine p.m. and you'd be stuck resetting it to have it go off at nine a.m. You may get 1 + 12 or 13 hours of sleep. Maybe. If you had a contemporary electric (electronic) alarm clock, it could be set for nine p.m. or nine a.m. You'd get 13 hours of sleep without being awakened one hour after setting the alarm. Some of us have been around for a while and used both kinds of clock, and the "original" alarm clocks were around before the snazzy new fangled ones. And we know the drill.

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How do you set atomic clock model 88902?

how to shut off alarm on clock

Is there an app that you can set an alarm for multiple devices but can be shut off by only one of them?


You accidentally locked your keys in your 05 Camry if you smash a window will the alarm go off?

If it has a shock sensor, the alarm will go off. If it does not, the alarm will not response. The easiest way to check if you car has a shock sensor is to hit your car gently, most alarms will warn you, but it will not set them off.

If my car alarm goes off could it set others off?

Depending on how loud your alarm is,it is possible that it may set off another cars alarm.

How do you set the car alarm off in poptropica?

You can set the alarm off by just simply jumping on the car.

How do you set the time on a aurora touch alarm clock?

I had this same problem but i found the instructions. You press and hold the alarm button (AL) while pressing the up and down keys to change the alarm time. Keep holding the alarm button and press the "SET" button to change from hours to minutes. Then use up/down keys to set minutes. Hope that helped!!!

My remote broke and alarm is set it has starter kill how do i disarm the alarm?

On most vehicles, if the key is used to unlock the vehicle after the alarm is set, the alarm will sound as soon as the key turns in the lock. To shut the alarm off in most cases, insert the key into the ignition and start the vehicle. If the starter kill stops the engine, just restart the engine and it should be fine.

Why would a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee stay cranked for approx 3 seconds then shut off It has a remote starter added on?

the factory alarm is set

Will incense set off a smoke alarm?

Any type of smoke, steam or particles denser than air will set off a smoke alarm. This means that smoke emitted from the incense will set off a smoke alarm when in range of the detector.

If you disconnect the BMW 530 battery will the alarm go off?

If you set the alarm (i.e. lock the car) and then disconnect the battery, the alarm will go off. If you disconnect the battery when the alarm is not set (i.e. when the car is unlocked) the alarm will not go off. (So don't try to nick a locked one).

Does smoking indoors set off a fire alarm?


Who set off the fire alarm?

Isn't it obvious...