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Four possibilities: 1. Look for a Turn Switch or a Pull-Chain hanging from the fan - if there is one try turning the switch or pulling the chain! 2. A faulty Turn Switch or Pull-Chain Switch near bottom of the fan 3. The switch at the fan has a missing pull chain or string? 4. A faulty wall switch?

If nothing is found, someone has hard-wired the fan to keep it on all the time. This would be extremely unusual!


If this is not really a ceiling fan but is actually a bathroom or kitchen extractor fan then the answer you want may be what is given for the Related Question shown below.


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Q: How do you shut off a ceiling fan that stays on?
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1999 dodge caravan radiator fan stays on with key off?

The fan should turn off after the engine is shut off. If it stays on, the radiator fan relay has failed.

What do you do when the radiator fan in your 1994 grand voyager stays on after the ignition is off?

In some vehicles the fan does stay on for alittle bit after the engine has been shut down... if it stays on for along time and wont go off then it might be the fan relay. does the fan eventually switch off by itself?if it does the fan is working stays on till the temp is pulled back down to the temp setting.if it does not eventually shut off by it self, you need to have the fan thermostat checked

Wiring A Ceiling Fan?

form_title= Wiring A Ceiling Fan form_header= Cool off with a new ceiling fan. Is the ceiling fan installed?*= () Yes () No Is there a light included in the ceiling fan?*= () Yes () No Please describe the wiring problem in detail.*= _ [50]

The electric fan won't shut off?

fan on my furnace will not shut off. smash it up then

Is it safe for children to be around?

This ceiling fan is safe for all children to be around, there is even a electrical shut off if properly installed.

Why is your 93 accord radiator fan coming on when the engine is off?

Most modern vehiciles have electric fans on them to cool the radiators. The fan stays on for awhile after you shut off the engine, this is normal as long as the fan does not stay on all the time.

How does one take off the light that came with the ceiling fan?

Follow this step to take off the light that came with ceiling fan. Turn ceiling fan on, and you may unscrew the light bulb. After that remove the screw that holding the fan canopy. Look the wire connector and hold the sensor against the wires. Untwist the wire connector to release the wires. Wrap the end of the ceiling fan.

How do you lubricate a noisy ceiling fan?

You can lubricate a ceiling fan with WD-40. Just spray the lubricant on the fan where the motor spins. Make sure the fan is turned off first.

Can I get my ceiling fan to turn on and off by using the light switch?

Yes. Simply turn on the ceiling fan while the light switch is in the "on" position. Adjust the spinning to the level of your choice. Now the fan will turn on and off when you switch the light on and off.

Your fan stays on when the car is truned off 2003 sunfire?

This is normal. These fans are run by a thermostat that keeps the engine cool. It will run for a short time even after the car is shut off.

Why won't the fan on your central air shut off outside?

miller central air fan on outside wont shut off

Why does the fan on my vehicle not turn off after the vehicle is off?

the fan stays on for about 5 mins on alot of vehicles...if it cuts off eventually then it is normal, if it just stays on indefinatly then there is some electrical problem.

How do I stop motor humming on ceiling fan?

Turn it off...

Why does a fan remain running after ignition shut off?

The fan remains running after the vehicle shuts off in order for the engine to cool down. Once the motor cools down sensors trigger the fan to shut it off.

Why fan stays on when car turn on BMW 528i 2000?

It is temperature controlled, vehicles temp. actually rises when shut off, due to the coolant not being circulated.

What tools would I need to install a ceiling fan?

If you have previously had a fan installed in the location, you will only need a screwdriver and perhaps a pair of pliers. If it is the first time a fan is going in, expect to need some electrician's tools and maybe something to cut through the ceiling. You will need your ceiling fan of course, mounting brackets, and screwdrivers. That is pretty much it. Make sure you shut off the power source from the main breaker before beginning.

How To Stay Safe When You Install A Ceiling Fan?

Many homeowners decide to install a ceiling fan to modernize a room, and the right ceiling fan can help you cut your energy costs while providing a pleasant aesthetic sense to any room. However, you&rsquo;ll need to be very careful when you install the ceiling fan to avoid injuries or damage to the ceiling fan itself. First of all, make sure that all power is shut off to the ceiling fan. Otherwise, you&rsquo;ll risk electrocution. If you&rsquo;re not sure which breaker or fuse is used to control the power to your ceiling fan, turn off all of the power to your house. When you install a ceiling fan, it&rsquo;s important to be very careful, and this begins with electrical current. Taking down an old ceiling fan is a necessary step before you install a new ceiling fan, so carefully remove one fan blade at a time before removing the rest of the old fan. Support the old fan carefully. If necessary, get someone to help you remove the old ceiling fan safely, and be careful not to tear the electrical wires attaching the old fan to your house&rsquo;s electrical systems. Installing the ceiling fan can take some time, but resist the urge to pre-assemble it, as this will make it much more difficult to properly wire the fan into the ceiling. Follow the instructions included with your ceiling fan carefully, including wiring instructions. Keep plenty of electrical tape on hand, and when the ceiling fan has been wired up, test it by turning on the power before you attach the fan blades. This way, if you made any mistakes when wiring the fan, you&rsquo;ll be able to correct them without too much of a hassle. If you&rsquo;re uncomfortable when working with electrical wiring or if you don&rsquo;t think you can handle the ceiling fan installation, you can usually get a professional to help you out for about $100 or so, depending on where you live. This isn&rsquo;t a bad idea if you&rsquo;re at all confused about the instructions for installing a ceiling fan, but if you&rsquo;ve got your bearings, get to it--installing a ceiling fan should be a simple task.

Why is the radiator fan staying on after the engine is off on a 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

The fan is ran by the computer. It will continue to run for a short time after the engine is shut off and is normal. If it doesn't shut off, that is NOT normal.

When the fan starts on your computer it shuts the computer off?

Only if you shut it off. :)

Why does your fan motor run after the key is shut off?

The engine cooling fan will continue to run because the engine is hot. Once the engine has cooled down the fan will shut off. If it never shuts off you may have a bad temp switch or relay.

1998 ford escort ac compressor won't shut off on all settings?

why wont the ac compressor shut off stays on on all settings

Cooling fan sometimes wont cut off?

With many cars now days, the fan may continue to run after the car is shut off, or they may even start and run for a while after the car is shut off. An engine will actually get hotter for a short time after being shut off. Sometimes that will trigger a sensor to turn on the cooling fan. If it continually runs after being shut off, it could be a faulty temperature sensor, or a faulty fan relay, or even a bad computer.

What is the code to shut off the ABS light on a 2000 Chrysler Sebring?

The abs light stays on when there is a failure. It can not be shut off until the problem is fixed. The trouble code in the computer is read with a scan tool.The abs light stays on when there is a failure. It can not be shut off until the problem is fixed. The trouble code in the computer is read with a scan tool.

Why does your 2001 Nissan Pathfinder heater fan stay on high even after I try to shut it off?

Why does your 2001 Nissan Pathfinder heater fan stay on high even after I try to shut it off?"

Your heater fan wont shut off even after your 2004 Pontiac grand prix is off?

The most common problem when a car's heater fan doesn't shut off when the car is shut off is that the resistor on the blower motor has gone bad. The fuse that powers the resistor should also be checked.