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be-ahava (באהבה)

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be'akhavah = באחווה

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Q: How do you sign a letter with love in Hebrew?
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How else can you sign a letter other than 'love'?

You can sign the letter as "Yours", "Cheers", "take Care"

What does the Hebrew word oht mean in English?

אות means "letter" (of the alphabet) or "sign"

What is the meaning of the Hebrew word oth?

Oth is not a recognizable Hebrew word, but it's similar to Ōt (אות) which means letter (of the alphabet) or sign.

You love this guy how do you tell him?

Well you could write him a love letter and sign your initials on it.

How would a king sign off a letter?

love, The King

What is the Hebrew symbol for god is love?

No letter of the Hebrew alphabet signifies love. All of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet originally signified either animals or common household items, then later they signified only consonant sounds.

How do you end love letters?

The typical ending to any letter is to write a closing phrase like "Sincerely yours," "Love," or "Yours always." You do not have to end a letter in any special way unless you are writing a formal letter. If you are writing a love letter to someone, you might simply sign your name at the end, or you could put "Love," before you sign.

How do you sign off a letter in spanish?

Lots of ways: "con cariño" or "con amor" is "with love", or you can sign "atentamente" when it's a formal letter, depends on what type of letter you are writing

As a child how did roald dahl sign all his letter home?

love from boy

How do you say with the love of god in Ancient Hebrew?

Ge'eh -- Ani ohev otach ge'ah. This is how you would tell a woman -- I love and respect you. Mature love. If you were writing a letter, you would say: Robin ha'ykarah for Dear Robin.

How do you say With love from?

In the signature of a letter, it is usual to say this very briefly; let us say that your name is Fred, you could sign a letter "Love, Fred".

Ryah is love for Hebrew?

If you are asking what the Hebrew word for love is, it's ahava (אהבה)."Ryah" does not appear to be a Hebrew word.