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Login menu.

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Q: How do you sign in to roblox on mobile?
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How do you drive a jet in roblox mobile?

you cant

How do you sign in to Roblox?

In Roblox when you first play, either by downloading the plug-in or playing in browser there is a place at the left that asks for your username and password. Simple. :D

How do you fix it when my rogers mobile internet is not working with roblox on other Place other then mine?

Try using roblox on your browser, start, all program, roblox folder, roblox, or roblox studios

Can you trade items on Roblox mobile?

yes there is such as chrome webstore

What consoles is roblox on?

Computer, Mobile, Phone, Xbox.

How do you install roblox on a nook color?

As of the moment, the software on the NOOK Color is not compatable with ROBLOX Mobile. I think this will change in the future, but until then, you dont get ROBLOX on a NOOK Color.

What websites can you sign up for?

you can sign up for addicting games,armor game, and y8 and y3 : ) and you can sign up for roblox

How do get on and play roblox?

Go to and sign up an account and yeah

How do you get on and play roblox?

Go to and sign up an account and yeah

How do you chat in roblox mobile?

You Cannot Chat in Ipod Touch or Iphone only in a Ipad

How do you make a Roblox account on Roblox test server?

You can make an account on a test server what you need to do is make an account on normal roblox then sign-in using your normal account

How to login to roblox?

To Sign In: Go to Roblox Find a button that says "sign in" Click it And do the things it tells you to do To Log In Find login button and type in your username Identification If you don't remember click Forgot