How do you sink an above ground pool?

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I have recently spoken to a guy who did just that and the job that lasted him for 20 years and then he only had to replace the liner the pool frame was still in good order. he used a powder coated zincalume above ground pool.

Basically you dig a hole just big enough for the pool. if the ground is sloped let the pool stick out of the ground on the low side. level the bottom of the hole with washed river sand don't use brickies loam as that stuff gets to hard. now build the pool inside the hole setup the Plumbing and fill it with water. You will now have a gap around the outside of the pool that will have to be filled with a sand cement mixture of 10 to 1.

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2008-05-31 08:40:22
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Q: How do you sink an above ground pool?
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