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You can change the speed of clips on Windows Movie Maker with the Slow down, Half, Speed up, Double effects, which can be found in the Effects menu.

However, you can't slow down or speed up clips in Windows Live Movie Maker. That effect is not available with that version.

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Q: How do you slow down video clips on Windows Live Movie Maker?
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Can you use clips of movies from a camcorder on Windows Movie Maker or just Pictures?

You can use both video and photographs from a camcorder on Windows Movie Maker.

What are some of the effects of the Windows Movie Maker?

Effects in Windows Movie Maker include transitions between video clips or pictures, film effects for separate clips, overlays, credits, subtitles, and captions.

How do you split clips in Windows Movie Maker?

Splitting clips in Windows Movie Maker is easy. Visit the URL I've posted below for step-by-step instructions on How to Split Clips/Video in Windows Movie Maker:*Splitting%20Video

How do you add the iTune songs to video clips on Windows Movie Maker?

How to Get iTunes into Windows Movie Maker:Watch this video tutorial:

How do you get words at the bottom of your video in windows movie maker?

Click on Titles and Credits. Follow the directions step-by-step to add text to your clips in Windows Movie Maker.

How do you connect video clips?

You need to put both in windows movie maker in the order that you want them in.

Reverse video in windows movie maker?

There is NO feature in Windows Movie Maker for reversing video.

Video loop in windows movie maker?

Nope... No video looping in Windows Movie Maker.

How do you make a webcam video from windows movie maker?

Import your webcam video into Windows Movie Maker.

How do you put clips onto Windows Movie Maker?

All media (clips/pic/video/audio) must be Imported into Windows Movie Maker before they can be used in a project. Once imported, drag the media into the Storyboard or Time-line view for editing.

Where can you make entrance video?

Try and make one in Windows Movie Maker, piece lots of clips together etc.

How do you make a video of clips from other movies?

Most versions of Windows have a Movie editor which you can import movies and then put them together and create a new movie. In Windows 7 is Windows Live Movie Maker

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