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just stick your tongue in there and play wiv ers believe me I'm a girl i know wat its like

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How to snog a girl?

by kissing her

What is the perfect way to snog a girl?

bring her on a date... when you start talking about love lean over and snog her

What is the best way to snog a girl?


How can you look attractive?

find out what the girl likes then do it then if you are lucky she will snog you!

How do you snog your girl friend?

you will learn when your older or if not ask your teacher why you have not learned this yet

Can you cross breed African cichlid?

you can just turn it naked get a hot girl which is naked and snog her

How do you snog an emo boy?

Same way you snog anyone.

What do you do if you want snog a guy who doesn't really like you back?

you step to him and snog him, but if you want him to snog you back then i dont now.

What is the origin of the word snog?

The origin of the word 'Snog' or 'Snogging' is England :)

What does snog you now kiss you later mean?

snog you in the future -_- rem

How do you get a girl that doesnt like me to kiss me?

grab hold of their face and snog them, or just say, 'i love you, i need a kiss' and snog them reallly enjoyablely so they dont get a word in edgeways and then say 'lets get married' and she'll like you.

Should I snog my boyfriend?

You should snog your boyfriend if you are a little deep in your relationship.

How do you snog your girlfriend?

first :stop saying snog second: just KISS her ,go with it third:dont say snog around her or she wont want to kiss

What is the duration of Snog Marry Avoid?

The duration of Snog Marry Avoid? is 1800.0 seconds.

How do you change your snog url?

You have to email the snog staff ( and ask them to change it for you.

How do you ask a girl out and snog?

well, idk what snog is but i can help with the ask out part:) you can write her a note and stick it in her locker or pass it to her when nobody is looking you could wait until she is walking home or getting on a bus and ask her then you could ask it in a poem

Is it in a girls genes to snog another girl?

hahahahahaha that would be so funny but if you wont to do it do it i mean i done it before it was fun!!!!!!!!!

How do you complete the game Class Escape?

Use one boy and the girl with ginger-red hair put them tighter and snog

How do you kiss or snog a girl?

If you want to kiss or snog a girl, make sure that you know them first before you go rushing in to snogging... Girls don't usually like that. But they will get the impression that you want to kiss you if you lean in closer to her and look at her eyes deep and maybe say "you look beautiful tonight" or "your eyes are beautiful" ... She will like that!

How do you you kiss a girl whos only 13?

it depends on the girl. if she seems shy or something, then only a peck first. but if your really close then a little snog without tongue.

What is it like to snog?

it is amasing to snog i have dun it before and it feels great cause u ave someone to just grabb by the face and ave a right good snog

How would you kiss a girl?

depends what kind of person you are if you are a cautious person give her a peck but if you are thriving and passionate snog her face off.

How do you be a better boyfriend?

snog ur girlfrind and giv here hugs at lunch and break SNOG ME x

Can you snog with braces?


Will your boyfriend snog you?


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