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Ok, this really isn't that hard. I am assuming you can already solve the original cube. The trick is to turn it into the original cube... e.g, there are 3 Blue/Red edges, but when they are all next to each other, called paired, they act as a single edge, just like on the 3x3x3. Same goes for all the other edges and the centers. so, once you do that, you can solve it just like a normal cube. Notation: The edges are called middle, and outer edges. U is the top D is the bottom, and left, right, front, back. A lower case letter indicates the inner slice, e.g l means: x/X/x/x/x x/X/x/x/x x/X/x/x/x x/X/x/x/x x/X/x/x/x A letter means to turn that face clockwise, as if you where facing it. Letter' means to turn it anti clockwise. Rr means the entire right side of the cube clockwise. And an algortihm is a sequence of moves. The centers: Ok, first you want to solve all of the center pieces. The trick is to make 1x3 blocks. E.g: G/B/B G/Y/W G/R/G 2: Ok, let's say you did the green center first. The middle square on the top will be blue. What you want to is is first build a center slice, e.g x/X/x x/X/x x/X/x To get the pieces up there though, you will break up the red side. You need to move htem out of the way in order to move the red side back. Like this for example: x/x/x x/B/B x/x/x You move the Rr slice to get it there, and this happens: G/G/x G/G/x G/G/x So, U menas you can rotate it back without a worry. But when you have the last 3x1 block, you might be finding it hard to ge tit there. The trick is this, have the 1x3 replace the other 1x3, then U2, then replace the bottom. You'll find the top solved, e.g, you have the cube like so: B/B/x B/B/x B/B/x ---- B/x/x B/x/x B/x/x ---- G> V And then you would do (L)l',U2,(L)l. Next, solve one of the other faces. Now solve one next to it. Now oyu will have two faces next to each other, needing to be solved. You should be able to get a 2x3 block on btoh sides easily, and then you will get stuck. x/x/X | Y/y/y x/x/X | Y/y/y x/x/Y | X/y/y Or any other roations. For this exact position, hold it so the x face if f and the y r, then do this algorithm: F R2 (U)u', R, (U)u. For the rest, jsut tyr to figure it out yourself. You'll get it after some hard work. Edges: Looks hard, is very easy. Just takes some time. O, what you want to do, is line up a center edge, and a outer edge oposite each other, so that both have X on one face, and Y is on oppposite. Then you will require one of these two algorithms: x/x/x/x/x x/x/x/x/Y Y/x/x/x/x x/x/x/x/x x/x/x/x/x Hold it like this and do: (D)d R F' U R' F' (D)d' x/x/x/x/x Y/x/x/x/x x/x/x/x/Y x/x/x/x/x x/x/x/x/x Now just repeat this for every single piece. Eventually, every edge will be paired.. but... Parity Parity is a situation which is not possible ona normal Rubik's cube without taking it apart and replacing the pieces wrong, e.g one edge is flipped.Luckily, there is only one case of pairty on the professors cube. What happens is, the outer edges are flipped on one edge, so it goes like this: x/Y/X/Y/x ---- y/X/Y/X/y To solve this, hold the cube so that this edge is in the up layer, and the back. Then do this algortihm: Rr2 B2 U2 Ll U2 Rr' U2 Rr2 U2 F2 Rr F2 Ll' B2 Rr2, adn it'll eb bakc to normal. 3x3x3 Now just solve your cube like a normal 3x3x3! ---- ......................................................................................................................................... _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hey im FotACK and i have a question based on this. does this mean i have to solve all the center cubes first? i hope not. I Can solve a 3x3 (ive done it in 25 seconds) but i cant fix my 5x5. solving it like a 3x3 i managed to solve the bottom layer with the the green face, but i dont know what to do now!

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Q: How do you solve a 5x5 Professor's Cube?
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I can solve the Rubik's Cube 2x2 and 3x3Will knowing this help me to learn the 4x4 or 5x5 Thanks?

This skills that someone has to solve a Rubik's cube can be used on any size Rubik's cube, whether it be a 2x2 or a 5x5.

Is a 4x4 Rubik's cube harder than a 5x5 Rubik's cube?

No, not really - at least not for me (I'm 52yo) I think that the differences between the 4x4 and 5x5 are slight. It's one of those things where "if you can solve a 3x3 you can solve a 4x4 and if you can solve a 3x3 and a 4x4 you can solve a 5x5. The hardest part comes with the edges - there's some weird manuevers you have to do to get the edges right and oddly enough the 5x5 is easier on the edges than the 4x4 because the 5x5 has a center edge for each color and that makes it easier to get matches. It did for me anyway. But once I learned the 4x4, the 5x5 wasn't too hard to pick up.

How do you solve a 6x6 rubik's cube?

first you need to be able to solve a 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 then solve the centers and pair them up like you do to a 5x5 then pair up the edges and after that you can solve it like a 3x3 thinking that all of the centers act as one and the paired edges act as one(just turn the most outer layer) after that you may encounter parity(either the edges or the end were one pair of edges or all four are flipped) you can also go to " " and search-how to solve a 6x6 Rubik's cube they don't have edge parity but if you can understand that then it will help!!! hope that helps!

Where can i get Rubik's cube 5x5 in chennai?

I had a hard time finding a 5x5 cube in stores, and you might too. I would try buying one on Ebay.

What is the fastest 5x5 solve?

If you know what 5 cubed is then you will know what 5x5 is. But if you don't know the remember 5x4 is 20 and add an extra 5 to it!

How many types of Rubik's cubes are there?

there are actually six, the original 3x3 cube, the 30th anniversary wood cube, the ice cube(clear 2x2 cube), the plain 2x2 cube, the 4x4 cube, and last but not least the 5x5 cube.

Is there a 6by6 rubik s cube?

No, a standard Rubik's Cube is a 3x3x3 cube, meaning it has 3 layers of 3x3 squares on each side, totaling 54 squares. There are variations with different sizes, but a 6x6 Rubik's Cube is not a standard version.

If the volume of a cube is 125 then what is the total surface area?

A cube that equals 125 is 5x5x5. It has six sides that are 5x5 25x6=150 square units.

Which rubik's cubes should i buy I'm going to get a new 2x2 5x5 6x6 7x7?

Start with the 2x2 (easiest). then once you know how to solve it, really well use the 3x3 (Moderate) and the keep going, 4x4(difficult) 5x5(Harder) 6x6(realy hard) 7x7(Really Really Hard). Then see how you do at a Rubik's cube competition. Good Luck,

Which is the hardes Rubik's Cube?

A 5x5 rubik's cube is the HARDEST~!!!!!! It sucks because it can barely cut corners meaning it's hard to turn.It's like IMPOSSIBLE to solve UNLESS you know how to solve a 4x4. The middle pieces practically come APART if you don't turn the sides correctly. It's EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lastly, there's like a MILLION steps and CONFUSIING algorithms you have to know. DON'T EVEN BUY IT! - unless you really want to like I did, or you want a REAL challengeMitch###################### a 10x10 cube

Can a dog solve the rubik's cube?


Whats the 20 moves to solve the rubik's cube?

20 moves is the maximum number of moves needed to solve a Rubik's Cube. However, those moves are not the same for each scramble, so you actually have to learn how to solve the cube.