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Its a rebus puzzle

Nylon hose

Nile (on) ho(s)

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Q: How do you solve rebus puzzle NILE HO HO HO?
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How do you solve the lugia puzzle in the Ruins of the Alphs in Pokemon soulsilver?

It's either a Ho-Oh puzzle or Aerodactyl puzzle, actually. For the Ho-Oh puzzle, bring Ho-Oh. For the Aerodactyl puzzle, use Flash.

How do you solve the puzzle in the ruins of alph?

First puzzle: Escape Rope (Kabuto Carving) Second puzzle: Flash (Aerodactyl Carving) Third puzzle: Bring Ho-Oh (Ho-Oh Carving) Fourth puzzle: Water Stone (Omanyte Carving)

Where do you go after you solve the ho-ho s puzzle in pokemo hartgold?

you get surf and go through union cave look it up on you tube it will show you

What do you do at the ruins of alph for this puzzle when it says this Pokemon knew no fear and flew as it pleased though the skies long ago ho?

solve the is an aerodactyle...........u will fall down when u solve it.........and then u can catch unknowns

How do you solve the Ho-oh puzzle in soul silver?

to hard to explain. I'd recommend going to youtube and getting a video

How do solve the third Pokemon carving in Pokemon soul silver?

For the third puzzle, you're going to have to have Ho-Oh in the first slot of your party.

How do you get the Unknowns in Pokemon Gold?

You go to Ruins of Alph in Johto and solve all four puzzles of ancient pokemon, Kabuto, Ho-oh, Aerodactyl, and Omanyte. If you solve it correctly you will fall into the Unown cave and for each puzzle you solve more unowns will appear. If you solve all the puzzles you should have unlocked all the unowns and should be able to catch all of them if you have patience. (If you don't fall in the cave that means you haven't done the puzzle correctly)

How do you complete the Ho-oh puzzle?

game shark cheats

How exactly do you get Ho-oh in Pokemon crystal version?

There is no way. You will have to trade for it. -lies 1 .catch suicune 2 . catch entei and raikou 3.goto tin tower and talk to head sage to get rainbow wing 4. solve the stair puzzle 5. ho oh there on the roof

How do you get through the wall on ruins of alph heart gold?

solve the kabuto puzzle, then have an escape rope, and use it in front of the label that says ESCAPE in unown. here are the others. flash-ARADACTLE puzzle have ho-oh for the third, and a water stone for the 4th. do these in front of the walls.

How do you solve the fossil puzzle in Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver?

The first puzzle is a kabuto to rotate the image just tap it. The second puzzle is a Aerodactyl as well as the first one just touch to rotate. The final image is Ho-Oh like the other two puzzles you must tap the pieces to rotate. This is for HEART GOLD i have no clue or neither do i care about Soul Silver!!

How do you complete the Ho-oh puzzle in Pokemon gold?

This page has a picture of the completed puzzle: