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There is no such thing as an ender cat on minecraft. If you are talking about an ender mite, then they sometimes have a chance to spawn when you use an ender pearl to teleport.

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2016-07-29 14:56:22
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Q: How do you spawn an ender cat in minecraft?
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What is the id number for spawn ender dragon egg in minecraft?

There's no spawn egg for enderdragon.

What is the ID for ender crystals on minecraft?

Ender Crystals could be spawned using Spawn Eggs with ID 200

What is the seed-code to spawn in the ender ralm in minecraft?

There are no seeds to spawn in the ender realm but there are definatly a few where you spawn near a stronghold but they arent easy to find on the internet because of the 1.2.3 seed change and its is unlikely you will find one by luck.

How can you spawn a dragon out of a ender dragon egg in minecraft?

you cant yet the egg is just for decoration right now

How do you get a cat in creative mode on minecraft?

spawn it with an ocelot egg

How do you spawn a Minecraft cat?

They just naturally spawn in jungles. Unless you're in creative, where you can use an ocelot spawn egg to spawn one in.

How do you win Minecraft?

Technically, there is no real "end" to Minecraft, but you could count the defeat of the Ender Dragon as the furthest point in the game.

How do you spawn an ender dragon in minecraft 1.4.2?

You can't unless you're using some sort of world-editing program. There is only one ender dragon per world, and it is in The End.

How do you spawn an enderdragon in Minecraft?

You can't respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft without some kind of mod. Single Player Commands and the Essentials Bukkit server plugin can both be used to spawn mobs.Whatever you do, don't spawn it outside of the End, unless you don't mind your world being bombed.

How do you spawn an ender dragon?

do /summon EnderDragon

Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

How do you use the ender dragon spawn egg?

You cant

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