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You can't.

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Q: How do you speak in second person?
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How are you in Islam?

Kayf al haluk is how are you in Arabic when 2nd person is male. When second person is female you spell it halek. Islam is not a language, but Arabic is what they speak.

What does the French verb 'parlez' mean?

The verb 'parlez' means you all speak, you all talk. The verb is in the second person plural ['vous'] of the present indicative tense. The second person singular is 'tu parles'.

Je vois que tu parles français aussi?

I see that you can speak French too (> you can speak not only your native language, but also French) I see that you too can speak French (> you are at least the second French-speaking person)

What is a person who can not speak called?

A person who cannot speak is called mute or speechless.

How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?

If the person is bilingual, then that person can speak, write and research in two languages. A multilingual person can speak as many languages that he/she has learned.

What is a person that cannot hear or speak?

a person who cannot speak or hear is known as a mute

What is the second form of speak?


What is plural form of you with a sentence?

The plural form for the second person, personal pronoun you is you. Examples:singular: John, you are a good friend.plural: Class, you will all have a chance to speak.

What is a person called that cannot speak or hear?

a person who cannot speak or hear is known as a mute

How many people in Spain speak English and how many people speak Spanish?

About 90% of the population of Spain speak Spanish either as a first or second language. About 25% of the population can also speak English as a second language.

What is second language acquisition?

I think it is when you learn a second language. Like, if you speak English as your first language, then learn to speak Spanish fluently, you acquired Spanish as your second language.

How are we related if our grandmothers were sisters?

Okay lets go in code. You are person Z and your relation is person Y. Sisters A and B have children who are first cousins to each other (one of these is Person Zs mum). These first cousins have children who are second cousins to each other. One of these second cousins is Person Z. The other cousin has a child. This child is Person Y. Person Y and Person Z are second cousins once removed (the once removed shows that there is new blood so to speak in the family). If person Z (you) were to have children, they would be th ird cousins with person Y. Does that make sense?