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The value $12900 would be "twelve thousand nine hundred dollars."

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Q: How do you spell 12900 dollars?
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Mr Smith ordered 12900 dollars worth of vases from Italy and he paid x dollars for each one What is an expression for the number he bought in terms of x?

The algebraic expression using x (the price) and n (the number bought) isn * x = 12900 so dividing both sides by x givesn = 12900 / x -- where both 12900 and x were in dollars

How do you convert 129 to a percentage?

129 to a percentage = 12900%129= 129 * 100%= 12900%

How many miles are there in 12900 kilometers?

There are 1.609344 kilometres in one mile. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 12900 kilometres is equal to 12900/1.609344 = 8015.69 miles.

What is three percent of twelve thousand and nine hundred?

3% of 12900 = 12900*3/100 = 387

What is 5 percent of 12900?


How do you spell 34 dollars?

You spell 34 dollars like thirty-four dollars.

What is 10 percent of hundred twenty nine thousand dollars?

129000 is 100% Therefore 10% of it is (129000/100) x 10 = 12900

How many seconds is 3 hours and 35 minutes?

There are 12900 seconds in 3 hrs 35 mins.

How do you spell 45 dollars?

You spell it like this: Forty Five dollars.....

What is brazils per capita income?


How do you spell 37 dollars?

You spell $37.00 this way: thirty-seven dollars

How do you spell 38.50 dollars?

Spell 38.50

How do you spell dollars in spanish?

dollars = dolares

How do you spell 11 dollars?

Eleven dollars

How do you spell 315.00 dollars?

I would spell it as three hundred and fifteen US dollars.

How do you spell 70 dollars?

Seventy dollars- Fifty dollars.

How to round 12,899 to the nearest ten?

you 12900

How do you spell 35 dollars?

The currency $35 is "thirty-five dollars."

How do you spell 95.00 dollars?

95.00 dollars is "ninety-five dollars".

How do you spell 20 dollars in french?

vingt dollars

How do you spell 55 dollars?

Fifty five dollars.

How do you spell 34.00 dollars?

Thirty-four dollars

How do you spell 97 dollars?

Ninety-seven dollars.

How do you spell 500 dollars?

five hundred dollars

How do you spell 41.00 Dollars?

Forty one dollars.