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København (ø = oe if you are limited by an English language keyboard)

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In danish its Københavner and translated its just Copenhagen.

A danish, a dane or in danish: københavner

Danish. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark.

People in Copenhagen speak Danish.

In Copenhagen, Denmark Danish is the official language, but they also speak English, French, and German.We speak Danish in Denmark and therefore also in Copenhagen, but you can expect people to understand English as well.Danish

a danish or a dane. We are all from Denmark where Copenhagen is our capital city

Did you mean "København"?. Because that is the danish word for Copenhagen.

Copenhagen or in Danish 'Koebenhavn'.

Copenhagen, or København in danish.

Copenhagen or København (danish)

In English, the capital of Denmark is called "Copenhagen", which is "København" in Danish.

Copenhagen is not a nation, it is a city, the capital of Denmark. The national currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone.

Because it is the Capital.. Around 30 % of the danish people live in Copenhagen

how do you translate big in danish

a dane or a danish person. We are all from denmark

The Danish island of Sjaelland on which Copenhagen is situated.

In English you have spelled it correctly, though it should be capitalised. Copenhagen.

Niels Bohr was Danish. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is in the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen. It is the winter residence of the Danish royals.

I assume you mean "what sea is it located by" as Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark: Copenhagen is located by The Sound ("Øresund" in Danish) which is a strait between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea

The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen or København in Danish.Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen has no meaning in Hebrew, other than the name of a Danish city. (Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.)