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How do you spell elect?

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How do you spell president-elect in plural form?

The plural is presidents-elect (but you would normally have only one per country at a time).

How do you spell reelect?

That is the correct spelling of "reelect" (to elect a sitting official again).

How can you know a boy of age three is intelligent?

He can spell Washington D.C. and knows the name of the president elect...

What is the plural of officer-elect?

the plural of officer-elect is officers-elect.thank you

What is the plural form of governor-elect?

The plural of governor-elect is governors-elect.

What is the plural for senator-elect?


What is the plural possessive form of mayor-elect?


How do you spell elector?

That is the correct spelling of "elector", a voter or voting representative, especially those chosen to elect a US President and Vice President.

How can you use elect in sentence?

i elect you

Are the covalent bond is transfer of elect or sharing of elect or gaining of elect or losing of elect?

Covalent bonds involve sharing electrons.

Who currenlty is the president-elect?


How do you elect a mayor?

you elect a mayor by voting

What part of speech is elect?

Elect is a verb.

Does the president elect or vise president elect take the oath first?

Vice President-elect Joseph Biden will be sworn in prior to President-elect Obama.

How do you properly address a mayor-elect?

By their name , or you may refer to them as Mayor-Elect . The Mayor -Elect does not actually assume the title til sworn into office .

Which amendment spells out who becomes president-elect in the event of the death of a president-elect?


For how long do we elect the representative?

For how long do we elect the representatives

Who elect the governor of California?

the people elect the governor

Do Canada elect presidents?

No they elect prime ministers.

What month do we ELECT the President?

the month we elect the president is in January

Has anyone stayed a President-Elect?

In the United States no.

Did popes elect cardinals?

Popes do not elect cardinals, they name them.

Who becomes president if president-elect dies?

The vice president-elect becomes the president if the president-elect dies.

What words can you spell from the word respectful?

Respect, reset, feet, rest, lecture, elect, upset, tree, pest, pet, fuel, creep, flee, cut. hope that helps :)

Do the senates elect their own officers?

After elections, senators then elect their own officers to run the agenda and processes. They elect the leader and the whips.