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Q: How do you spell faberge in cyrillic?
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Related questions

How do you spell Russian in cyrillic?


How do you spell kristin in Russian?

The name Kristin can be transliterated to the Latinized form of Ukrainian Cyrillic. 'KPiCTiHA' would be its Ukrainian Cyrillic form.

How do you spell borzoi in Russian?

In Cyrillic, "borzoi" is spelled борзой.

How do you spell friend in russian not in cyrillic?

As in, romanized? The Russian word is друг, or drug, pronounced "drook."

How do you spell Seriajvo?

The anglicized spelling (from Cyrillic) is Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Who invented the Faberge Egg?

Carl Faberge

Who created the faberge egg?

Peter Carl Faberge

How do you spell Jason in Russian?

I'm not a native Russian speaker but here's my best guess: iacon although you'll need the Cyrillic i (looks like a backwards N => и). Why "iacon"? We'll, consider Josef Stalin's name. It was "iosef" with Cyrillic characters for the i (и) and f. In Cyrillic the 's' looks like the 'c' of the Latin alphabet. Hence, Jason => иacon It's actually: Джейсон. The combination of the first 4 Cyrillic letters is pronounced the same as the English J

How do you spell Novoie?

If you are looking for the Russian word for NEW, it is spelled novoe, which looks like НОВОЕ when written in the Russian cyrillic alphabet.

Who crafted jewelry in the form of eggs for Nicholas II and his family?

I believe it was Carl Faberge, of the House of Faberge, who made these "Faberge eggs" as they are usually called. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry on the Faberge eggs.

What is the spelling of VW in world?

First, Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer. We spell it like Folkswaagn, or in cyrillic letters Фолксваген.

How do you spell cyric?

The proper given name is spelled Cyric.(The Russian alphabet is Cyrillic.)

What is Franklin mint faberge egg worth?

The worth of a Franklin Mint Faberge egg varies greatly. The value of a Faberge egg depends on which one it is, its condition, and the demand for it.

Is the correct spelling Fabrege or Faberge?

The correct spelling is either Faberge or Fabergé

How long did it take Carl Faberge to produce a Faberge egg?

A long time

What is the meaning of Cyrillic alphabet?

The Cyrillic alphabet is the alphabet used by Russian-speakers and a few other languages in the Slavic language family. It is made up of Greek and Hebrew characters and is used to spell out Russian (and other Slavic) words phonetically. It was created by Greek missionaries when they traveled to Russia.

Where were faberge eggs made?

Faberge eggs were made by a craftsman for a Russian Tsar to give to his family, for Easter.

When was the Cyrillic alphabet made?

The Cyrillic alphabet was developed in the 10th Century.

What is the cost of The Imperial Russian Bouquet by Carl Faberge?

what is the cost for an imperial russian bouquet by carl faberge 1978

Was the creator of the jewelled Faberge egg Russian?

Yes. For more info about the Faberge Eggs, see the Related Link below.

How many faberge eggs are there?


How do you spell Athena in Russian?

Because Russian lacks the combined consonant sound 'th', an 'f' is used instead. Russian Cyrillic is also phonetic, so the letter 'e' with a long sound in English is transliterated as the vowel 'и' in Russian, representing the same sound. The spelling then becomes 'Afena', or Афина when using Cyrillic.

What is the religion of Faberge eggs?

The Faberge eggs were made as Easter gifts from the Tzar to his wife. The Russian royal family was Russian Orthodox religion. They were made by the jeweler Faberge out of diamonds, gems, pearls, and enameled. They had little special things inside of them.

How much would a Russian Faberge egg cost?

The majority of these faberge eggs would cost millions of dollars. They are worth a lot.

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