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How do you spell focused?


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In British you spell it as focussed, but in ENglish you spell it as focused.


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The correct spelling is "zoomed" (moved or passed rapidly, or focused in on).

The usual US spelling is focused (from verb to focus). A variant is focussed.

The correct spelling is "self-conscious" (focused on one's own appearance or status).

A language you speak natively. This is because you need to be focused on what it is you are doing so that you can raise the proper energy to work magick. If you are trying to think of the correct way to say or construct a sentence in a foreign language then your concentration on your spell is gone which will prove your spell ineffective.

Ligh is focused by the lens.

Focused is the emotion when you are sure about something. The antonym of that is confused that is not focused.

Actually, as long as you believe in and are focused on the spell and the power of magick you can cast a spell... There are spells you can find online with detailed instructions. Try Google searching things like witchcraft. Most things you could want to cast a spell for can be found online. I also recommend finding pagan or Wiccan forums.

It is focused on to the retina.

The correct spelling is focused. That is a great site, it has lots of spells, articles and is very community focused so yo can ask questions in the forums or the live chat.

The negative connotation is self, that is, versus others. The opposite phrase, other-focused, has a positive connotation.Example:Mike is too self-focused. He should take his cues from Leo, and learn to be more other-focused.

Images are focused on to the retina by the lens.

The cat focused on catching its dinner.

Kelly Holmes is focused when it comes to her running

Hitler's attentions were not focused on the landings in Normandy.

Power was focused primarily with the states.

difference b/w process focused and product focused org

how light is focused for distant and close vision

spartans focused on battles; athens focused on education

Focused is a verb. It's the past tense and past participle of focus.

The opposite of focused is unfocused. A more useful word might be scatterbrained.

Progressivism was a reform movement that focused on urban problems.

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