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In British you spell it as focussed, but in ENglish you spell it as focused.

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Q: How do you spell focused?
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How do you spell zoommed?

The correct spelling is "zoomed" (moved or passed rapidly, or focused in on).

How do you spell self-concsious?

The correct spelling is "self-conscious" (focused on one's own appearance or status).

How do you spell foccused?

The usual US spelling is focused (from verb to focus). A variant is focussed.

What is the best languaue for casting spell?

A language you speak natively. This is because you need to be focused on what it is you are doing so that you can raise the proper energy to work magick. If you are trying to think of the correct way to say or construct a sentence in a foreign language then your concentration on your spell is gone which will prove your spell ineffective.

How do you cast spells?

Actually, as long as you believe in and are focused on the spell and the power of magick you can cast a spell... There are spells you can find online with detailed instructions. Try Google searching things like witchcraft. Most things you could want to cast a spell for can be found online. I also recommend finding pagan or Wiccan forums.

Does love spell truly works?

Yes love spells truly work but most people do not believe that for a couple of reasons i will give you most people cast love spells and stay relaxed instead of which they must be very much more focused after casting. One should be positive about the spell and following the spell's instructions by the caster. One must also make effort as the spell would need one's focus.

Which is the best magical spell site? That is a great site, it has lots of spells, articles and is very community focused so yo can ask questions in the forums or the live chat.

Can you over do a spell?

The common definition of magic, being "The art and science of causing change by means of exerting one's will" should answer this question. Because a focused spell is empowered by your own will, it is difficult to "overdo" it. It will manifest as dictated by your willpower. When working with other entities, however, it is important to be specific in the expression of your desire, and not leave room for mischief.

What emotion is between focused and confused?

Focused is the emotion when you are sure about something. The antonym of that is confused that is not focused.

When light is focused what does it do?

Ligh is focused by the lens.

How do you say ''focused'' in Turkish?

odaklanmak means focused

Where is the image in the eye focused onto?

It is focused on to the retina.

Give examples of focused interactions?

examples of focused interactions of communication

Which is correct spelling focused or focussed?

The correct spelling is focused.

WHAT IS The portion of the eye on which an image is focused?

Images are focused on to the retina by the lens.

What does task-focused mean?

Focused on the task at hand, not drifting to Facebook and such.

What is a good sentence for the word focused?

The cat focused on catching its dinner.

How do you put focused in a sentence?

Hitler's attentions were not focused on the landings in Normandy.

When is kelly Holmes focused?

Kelly Holmes is focused when it comes to her running

How is light focused for distant and close vision?

how light is focused for distant and close vision

Why items like TV sets are produced using product focused system to stock?

difference b/w process focused and product focused org

What was most heated debates at the Constitutional Convention focused on?

It was focused on the legislative branch

When was Focused Daily created?

Focused Daily was created on 1999-02-09.

Where was power focused under the Articles of Confederation?

Power was focused primarily with the states.

What was the core of the humanist message focused on?

whats the core of the humanist message was focused on ?

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