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Q: How do you spell greek in french?
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How do you say alpha in French?

You also spell it alpha - but remember this is a Greek letter.

How do you say Homer in French?

You would spell it the same for Homer Simpson, but Homère for the Greek poet.

What does Alexandra mean in French?

"Alexandra" is a Greek name meaning "defender of men". The French would probably prefer to spell it "Alexandrine".

How do you spell 83 in greek?

how do you spell 83 in greek

How do you spell 'how do you spell it in french'?

"How do you spell it in French?" is "Comment ça s'écrit en français?"

How do you spell add in french?

"Ajouter" is how you spell "add" in French.

How do you Spell Ryan zehnder in French?

Spell Ryan in french

How do you spell spelling in french?

this is how you spell spelling in french: l'orthographe

How do you spell Posiedon in greek?

First you learn to spell it in English: PoseidonThen in Greek: Ποσειδών

How do you spell bean in Greek?

You spell bean in greek as "φασόλι" or to read phonectically "fasóli"

How do you spell french?


How do you spell you are in French?