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George Frideric Handel

How do you spell handel?

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Handel is correct for the composer.

Handle is correct for the door latch.

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You spell Handel : Handel

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Who was an expert player of keyboard instruments especially organ Bach or Handel or both?

it is because that is not because it has a back handel and bach is also it because handel

Where was Handel born?

Handel was born in Halle, Germany.

What country was Handel born in?

handel was born in germany

How old was handel when he died?

Handel was 74 when he died.

When did handel die?

Handel died on the 14th April 1735

What is the composer handel last name?

His last name was Handel (HEN-del). His full name is George Frideric Handel.

What was Handel Messiah known for?

The Handel Messiah is a 1741 oratorio composed by George Frideric Handel. The Handel Messiah became the best-known and most performed choral works in Western music.

Did Handel's father approve of Handel playing music?

No he wanted Handel to grow up to be a lawyer. He prevented Handel from playing music, but Handel played the Clavichord in the attic. When he was nine, the Duke heard Handel playing the organ, and pursuaded his father to let him pursue music.

Where did handel die?

Handel died in London in 1759. He was 74 when he died.

Did Handel the composer have a mom or dad?

George Handel and Dorothea Taust.

Where did George Frideric Handel live?

Handel lived in Germany and Britain and Italy.

What did George Frideric Handel do?

george frideric handel was a very famous composer

What were handel Mozart and barhams?

Handel, Mozart and Brahms were German classical composers.

Did Handel ever have kids?

George Frideric Handel never married or had children.

How many kids did george fredric handel have?

How many kid s did handel have

Who influenced Handel?

Handel was influenced by Scarlatti other Italian baroque composers.

When was Bill Handel born?

Bill Handel was born on August 25, 1951.

Did G.F. Handel have a mom and dad?

Yes, and they were Georg and Dorothea Handel.

When was Steven Handel born?

Steven Handel was born on 1945-01-29.

When was Karen Handel born?

Karen Handel was born on 1962-04-18.

How tall is Jeff Handel?

Jeff Handel is 6' 1 1/2".

Was GF Handel ever married with children?

Handel never married and had no children.

When was Messiah - Handel - created?

Messiah - Handel - was created in 1741.

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