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In French, everything has a gender, so you have to know if the beautiful object in question is male or female. The male version of it's beautiful would be, c'est beau, and the female version is c'est belle.

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Q: How do you spell it's Beautiful in french?
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How do you spell 'Beautiful France' in French?

Beautiful France' is 'Belle France' in French.

How do you spell beautiful death in French?

beautiful death -> belle mort

How do you spell beautiful women in french?

Belles femmes

How do you spell beautiful woman in french?

belle femme

How do you spell you are beautiful in french?

tu es belle

How do you spell The Beautiful Puppy in French?

la belle (beautiful) le chiot (puppy)

How do you spell my beautiful queen in french?

ma belle reine

How do you spell very beautiful in French?

Très beau.

How do you spell beautiful view in Cajun French?

belle vue

Spell beautiful life in french?

belle la vie

How do you spell black is beautiful in french?

"Le noir est beau."

How do you spell simply beautiful in french?

simplement beau, simplement belle